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Why Newt Appeals to Americans

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  1. Nice opinion piece! I think Newt’s surging right now not just because he’s tapping into the anger and frustration with the Left, but because it shows something the Republican “leadership” has lacked in recent years: a desire to fight back. It will be interesting to see whether the momentum he’s picked up will continue.

    • Thomas, thanks for the comment. Yes, it will be interesting to see if he continues. The RNC has already stated they don’t want the nominee to attack Obama. That worked in 2008. If Newt is the nominee, I think he will tell the RNC to stuff it.

  2. Thank you for offering your thoughts for all of us to seriously ponder. Your commitment to electing a competent president in 2012 is appreciated. Keep up the good work on blogs and in chat rooms. You make a difference.

  3. well spoken!Right on all points.Mitt is same crap,dif day,nicely spun. Newt speaks for many because he is not afraid to trash the marxists directly,for their many sins against america,americans,& the Constitution.he has his faults,as all humans do,but he is far & away the best running.

  4. I think you really hit the nail on the head here! Amazing to watch this race evolve isn’t it?

  5. If I could give Newt any advice it would be to use more humor. People SHOULD be laughing at Obama’s agenda instead of getting mad about it. As much damage as he’s done it can still be fixed.

    • Tracker,
      Thanks for the comment. I don’t know how a socialist agenda can be fixed once the damage is done and the one doing the damage if hell-bent on continuing down the same path to the end game, communism.

    • gingrich has a sense of humor…if you haven’t heard the laughter and the applause then you haven’t been paying attention…romney is stiff and uninspiring…we need a presidential candidate that will challange this administration…i’m ready for a grandfather image…i just pray that people can over look newt’s turkey neck!!!!!!!!!

  6. Eleanor, great atricle, it did my heart good to watch Mr Newt scold the CNN host just like a school master reprimands an unruly student. The audiences reactions and the hosts red face were in a word ” precious”. I know full well that the press will surely keep on their rabid attacks on whomever they feel is the GOP leader at the time, but it sure is satisfying watching Gingrich handle them so masterfully

    • David,
      Thanks for the comment. I agree it’s great to finally see someone calling the press on their hypocrisy. I loved how Newt told that idiot to take responsiblity for the actions of CNN instead of trying to pass it off to ABC. My guy is out of the race, but we need someone as straight forward and a shooter from the hip to take on the present occupant of the WH.


    • Jill,
      Thanks for the comment. I was for Herman Cain when this all started. I was devastated when he was forced to drop put of the race. I’m not really enamorate of Newt and probably won’t vote for him in the primary. But, I can’t help but notice his skill in putting people in their place. Even though he was probably prepared for King to ask that question about his wife on Thursday, his delivery was so scathing and biting, it gave me hope that if he’s the GOP nominee, he will continue his striking like a cobra on Obama’s agenda. And this is something we are drooling for in a candidate.

    • HOO RA !

    • well ok then its settled

  8. is it racist to notice barak obama is a

  9. excellent article eleanor – after the pathetic campaign mccain ran and his mr.niceguy approach, its refreshing to see someone willing to go for the marxist’s jugular. newt DOES speak for me!!

    • Robin,
      Thanks for the comment. It took me a minute to realize why people are so attracted to Newt these days, but after viewing several of the “debates” it hit me this AM while you and I were on the phone what the psychological motivation is. I don’t know if Mitt will go for Obama like I know Newt will. Mitt’s comment about Obama being a “nice guy” but over his head had me worried, and when McCain came out and endorsed him, I almost threw up. That, and the RNC saying to not go after Obama had me very concerned, but I really think if Newt is told that, he’ll tell the RNC to stuff it like he did to the press.

      • i plan on voting for newt in the primary – he is the one to beat the dicatator in chief – we need to get rid of this shadow govt aka obama’s 40+ marxist czars and the puppet master george soros. i also am not absolutely thrilled with any of the gop candidates but our worst candidate is far better than the dems best candidate. i put this article on my facebook page and people are loving it. keep up the great work!!!

        • Robin, I was for Cain until he got wacked by innuendos with no proof by the press. I’ll vote for Newt in the general. At this point, I don’t know who I’ll be voting for in the primary. My line in the sand is gun grabbing and every one of the candidates has voted for gun restrictive laws except Ron Paul, and I can’t abide his foreign policies at this point in history, though I do understand his position. It’s just not feasible right now. But getting back to your point, Mitt is too much of an appeasor to go after the DIC (dictator in chief)and I’m not sure Santorum has the kind of fire in his belly needed to expose Obama’s agenda. Newt has that fire, and I do like it.