What are Super PACs & When Are They Releasing Their Donor List?

By | January 31, 2012

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One thought on “What are Super PACs & When Are They Releasing Their Donor List?

  1. Jimmie T.

    An interesting and Utopian look at campaign bundling. In a vacuum, yes, Super PACs are unnecessary.

    That isn’t the world we live in. For decades the left has had Super PACs that aren’t Super PAC’s – we call those unions. In some states, workers are forced to join them and donate into those Super PACs.

    For sure, the correct answer is to make it illegal for both kinds of Super PACs to operate politically, but to disparage one without recognizing why it’s necessary is going to make more crappy laws popular that will give the unions no viable counter.

    Take away the union’s ability to bundle and direct funding for a campaign and I’d be happy to give up Super PACs.

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