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3 thoughts on “The Scumbags Need to Resign; Yes, you, Brian Ross

  1. Jeremy Griffith

    Everybody is on fire with the debate and Newt Gingrich. I wouldn’t be too sure who will end up on top of the ticket, but it looks like this was an interesting week at CDN. Everyone who contributed did a good job.

  2. DJ Redman

    I certainly agree that the CDN staff do a great job William,that is why I referred to it as an oversight, not neglect, while mentioning that we are all human and capable of making a mistake from time to time. It is also great that the informed readers were here to help us catch it and correct it in a timely fashion, which was my only goal.

  3. William Way Jr.

    My apologies for the grammatical errors. I usually write articles in MSWord, then edit and spell check. then copy to WordPress. I must have copied the unedited version, and not reread it before publishing. At least that is my story and I’m sticking to it. I will attempt to be better in the future. I appreciate Daniel taking responsibility for MY error, however the CDN staff do an excellent job.

    To Suzanne: You are correct, my biases toward the media dictated some of my conclusion. yet, I did try to point out that they were in fact my opinions. I still believe them to be accurate, but if they could be proven it would be by others with far more resources than me. (Doesn’t make them wrong, just unprovable). Thanks for your analysis.

    Tracy: You are right. As it appeared I would not have finished reading it either.

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