The Question of Obama’s Eligibility to Serve as President Picks Up Steam

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  • I am totally confused by the comment Mr. Obama is not eligible to serve as president but it doesn’t matter! The man is not a Natural Born American Citizen by nature of the fact his father was born in Kenya. That in itself proves he does not meet the constitutional requirement for presidency. It would appear from your article that the Democrats chose to ignore that fact, the Republicans failed to take issue with it, and it was ignored. I believe this is a violation of the constitutional rights of every American Citizen and to allow it is a violation of the oath of office of every government official and every man or woman who has served in the military. Please explain to me how this man can be ineligible and it “not matter”

    • Neal, if you are criticizing what I wrote, I think you misunderstood. This is a news story rather than an opinion piece as I normally write. I was saying it doesn’t matter to those making the decisions and their cohorts in the media, and that is fact not opinion. It matters to the Constitution, John Dummett, thousands of American citizens, and it matters to me, and you. Your comment is the very basis for the lawsuit Dummett filed and I was explaining what was going on.