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The Real Source of American Tyranny, Part 1 – The Congressional Dictatorship

How Both Parties Have Stolen Our Liberty, And Our Constitution

“Anyone But Obama” and “Any Republican” seem to be the mantras of far too many voters in the 2012 election cycle.  Although I understand the reasons and sentiments behind these views, I still remain in awe at the deafening silence about the impending congressional races.  The seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate are far more important than the seat in the Oval Office.  Yet, the American populace is obsessed with the latter, and turn a blind eye to the former.

The Presidency isn’t responsible for writing legislation that curtails freedom.  The Commander-In-Chief doesn’t shroud Constitution-eviscerating clauses in a blanket of security.  There is but one body who has done these things, and has the ability to override the Executive Branch veto: The United States Congress.  Inside the Capitol Rotunda lies the real source of American tyranny.

Why is Congress so dangerous?

First, let’s look at the rate at which incumbents are re-elected.   In the 2010 mid-term elections, incumbents in the House of Representatives were retained at a rate of 87%.  Even the famed “Republican Revolution” in 1994 had an extreme rate of incumbent retention at 88% in The House.

The Senate fares no better.  in 2010, Incumbent Senators were re-elected at a rate of 84%, which is slightly lower than the 1994 rate of 92% retention.

Next we must look at who is being re-elected.  The rate of re-election in Congress shows that there are a great many who are career politicians in Washington D.C.  With the right values and principles, longevity is not necessarily a bad thing to have in our Nation’s capitol.  However, as the reduction of our individual liberties shows, this is not the case.

The blame for the excision of our liberty does not fall upon the shoulders of one party or another.  The Democrats and Liberals have done their fair share of trampling of the Bill of Rights, and it is well documented, so I will refrain from generating a list about them at this time.  But far too many conservative and Independent voters fail (or refuse) to acknowledge the guilt of The Republican Party bears in this Constitutional crisis.

The GOP repeatedly claims to be the party of conservatives that fights to uphold the Constitution.  However, a close examination of the records of a few Republican “leaders” shows that they have defended out Constitution very poorly – if at all.   Here are 3 of the bigger “Rockstars” in the Republican party who are often portrayed as strong on the Constitution and Liberty:

  • Mike Pence
    – Voted YES on The PATRIOT ACT in 2001, and YES to make it permanent in 2005
    – Voted YES to electronic surveillance without a warrant in September 2006
    – Voted YES on the REAL ID Act (Feb. 2005)
  • Michele Bachmann
    – Voted YES on the TSA Authorization Act in June 2009, which allowed nude body scanners at airports
    (it’s in Section 215, for those who refuse to believe me)
  • Paul Ryan
    – Voted YES to make The PATRIOT ACT permanent in 2005
    – Voted YES to electronic surveillance without a warrant in September 2006
    – Voted YES on the REAL ID Act (federalizing rules for driver licenses to hinder terrorists) in Feb. 2005

Does this TINY sampling of votes look like a Conservative cast them?  Let’s go further: Does it look like these people care about or uphold their oath to defend and protect the Constitution?  The answer to both is a resounding No.

Fact is that Congress – a conglomeration of both parties – has been systematically diminishing our liberties with their legislation that “protects” Americans.  Don’t believe me?  Look at the SOPA and PIPA legislation that has been discussed in the first weeks of the new year.  Is that in your best interest?  Was the PATRIOT Act in your best interest?  Is the surrender of 4th Amendment protections at airports in your best interest?  The answers are No, No, and No.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
–Benjamin Franklin– 

If we want to mold the future of this country in a real, tangible manner, it is time to erase partisan allegiances.  End the ‘blue vs. red’ war, and begin mending the civil chasm between voters.  Eradicate the fear of backlash for exposing a Public Servant for his/her abominable behavior and habits.  Unite as Americans – without labels.

The sooner we, as Americans, gravitate together around a common cause of ending governmental abuse and corruption, the sooner we regain control of our country, our freedom, and our future.




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  1. You know, I’m beginning to think that the blame has to, at least partly, fall on the American People. I would wager that most people probably don’t know the 3 branches of government, much less how the federal government works. Because of this apathetic mood towards government, voters are forced into deciding who they will vote for at the worst possible time: during a political campaign.

    The question, then, is: How do you cure voter apathy?

    One way is allowing to happen what you’re proposing to avoid: A brutal, tyrannical, painful law that the average citizen cannot erase from his/her mind because of its despotic nature would almost surely stir up the People.

    Your idea of working towards the elimination of the political party and uniting as Americans is something George Washington certainly would have advocated, but does the voter need to know the issues?