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The 730 Days That Continue to Change the World

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  1. And, yes, Mr. Hays is right, until you consider that three fouths of the Democrats in office shouldn’t even be there because their names were put on the ballot fruadulantly by a Democrat Party organization called ACORN. Democrats early on realized if they were going to undo what the people have the right to do and that is vote them out of office they had to fix or rig the vote. They have become expert in doing this and so far have gotten it down to a science. They’ve even got the courts bullied to the point where the New Black Panthers can stand in front of the voting place and scare off both White and Black people who wanted to vote for someone else other than Barrack Obama, and got away with it.

    It’s at this point where our vote doesn’t count anymore especially when you aren’t even allowed to cast it.