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S.C. Debate Clean-Up

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  1. Stephanie Russcher

    Nope! Ron Paul won…. still. The image duos show a good example of how they were treated by the media. Just my thoughts.

  2. Genius! Tony, this one is Genius! Newt did indeed win the debates last night hands down! Well done!
    LOVE the broomheads LMAO! Forever in my mind, Romney and Paul will always be broomheads! LOL!

    • The bottom line is we all hear something different from the candidates’ comments.I listen to Ron Paul and fail to see the same man that his followers appreciate.I listen to the others and appreciate most of what they all say. I wish I could take characteristics and talents of each and make my own candidate!Just want Obama defeated more than anything!

  3. Yes! Newt did a great job last night!