Ron Paul: Sage Grandfather or Crazy Uncle?

By | January 23, 2012

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One thought on “Ron Paul: Sage Grandfather or Crazy Uncle?

  1. CorAutMors

    There are many who agree with Dr. Paul’s stance on foreign policy ( aside from the fact that the DEBT is the one true threat to our Nation which is greater than any military poses. You can not supply and keep troops stationed around the world if we have no money..)

    I think we all know that the propaganda media ( ie; enemies of freedom ) use the word ‘isolationist’ because it is a focus tested word to suit their purposes.

    Perhaps they can go and poll all the dead Iraqi and Afghan civilians and see if they can find a focus tested answer as to how much they love our current foreign policy? ( indeed, if they do not like the answer they can always bomb them some more…, I mean having their homes and civilization bombed into oblivion is not why they hate us.., no, its because we can do what we want and wear designer clothes while doing it. ).

    Or maybe ask this boy his opinion on our foreign policy :

    To continue on the path we are on will lead us to ruin. All others are status quo.

    Too many have grown up indoctrinated by our current system of BIG government and American Empire and can not see because of the blinders they wear. How unfortunate for a once great country.

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