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2 thoughts on “Patriotism and Partisanship

  1. Chad

    There seems to be a number of people – “political junkies” – who view everything only through a political lens. They are less concerned with helping our country than they are with “winning”.

    Unfortunately, this is being demonstrated perfectly in the Republican primary. I wish I knew how many times I’ve heard a variation of “You aren’t supporting MY candidate?!? Why do you hate America?!?”

    1. coyote libertad

      And on the left this is being demonstrated by the democrats. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard straight up, “You are not voting for Obama?- why do you hate blacks?”. You must be A Racist!!!! And various other nasty names. Political social justice junkies who see every thing through the prism of color not through the clear glass of character.

      . Dustycoyote

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