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Obama Ignores Eligibility Subpoena: Hearing Held As Scheduled

A court case to determine the eligibility of Barack Obama to appear on the Georgia presidential ballot began this morning in the Atlanta, Georgia court room of Judge Michael Malihi. The case has been filed questioning the “natural born citizen” status of Obama according to the United States Constitution; Article II, Section 2, Paragraph 5 which states “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;…”. The rest of the qualification clause covers age and residency requirements. This clause is backed up by a Supreme Court ruling in 1875, Minor vs. Happerset (88 U S 162) that defined the term “natural born citizen”. The suit seeks to prevent Obama from appearing on the ballot until he is proven to be qualified. Obama’s father was reported to be Kenyan, and a British citizen at the time of Obama’s birth.

The White House released a long form birth certificate on April 27, 2011 that has been called a forgery by forensic expert Doug Vogt. Another expert, Jean-Claude Tremblay, told FOX News that the problem is with the “off the counter” software used to scan the document, not the document itself.

Also in question is Obama’s social security number. The number he is using reportedly comes from Connecticut, a state in which Obama has never resided. Susan Daniels, a licensed private investigator, researched the Obama social security number and filed affidavits as to her findings. The first of two affidavits can be found at this link. The second affidavit is also linked in the story from The Post & Email online publication.

There are also questions about Obama’s Fulbright Scholarship attained to attend college at Occidental College. Fulbright Scholarships are restricted to foreign students and Obama has yet to explain how he attained the scholarship if he was a citizen of the United States at the time. There are also question about Obama’s foreign travels. He reportedly travelled to Pakistan in 1981, a time when that nation was off limits to persons with U S passports.

Obama attorney, Michael Jablonski, sent a letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp stating that Obama was “suspending” his participation in the proceedings despite a subpoena to appear before Judge Malihi in the case. Obama is currently on a campaign swing through several Western states. In the letter of response to Jablonski, Secretary Kemp stated in part:

As you are aware, OSAH Rule 616-1-2-.17 cited in your letter only applies to parties to a hearing. As the referring agency, the Secretary of State’s Office is not a party to the candidate challenge hearings scheduled for tomorrow. To the extent a request to withdraw the case referral is procedurally available, I do not believe such a request would be judicious given the hearing is set for tomorrow morning.

Van Irion of Liberty Legal Foundation is currently representing plaintiffs Mark Hatfield and Carl Swensson before Judge Malihi. Hatfield and Swensson have asked that their case be heard separately from a suit filed by Orly Taitz. Taitz was originally set to represent Republican presidential candidate John Dummett in this matter, but problems arose and Dummett opted to use Irion and Liberty Legal Foundation to handle his legal challenges.

Dummett was the first to approach the eligibility issue from the standpoint of suing the Democrat National Committee and its chairwoman, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, as well as Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid. They are the ones who have to certify that Obama has met all requirements to be their party’s candidate. Pelosi signed documents in 2008 stating that Obama did meet all Constitutional requirements but those documents have now come into question as to their accuracy.

Several more lawsuits have been filed by candidate Dummett, with Van Irion and Liberty Legal Foundation as legal counsel in them also. Mr. Dummett has been given legal standing as a presidential candidate by the Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco. Dummett has a preliminary hearing on his suit in Tennessee on February 24, 2012 and has another suit pending in Arizona. Irion and Liberty Legal will soon file similar suits on behalf of Dummett in Alabama, California, and Montana with more to come in the near future.

As the hearing, scheduled to begin at 9:00 a. m. Eastern time, was about to begin attorneys were called into the judge’s chamber for a conference, delaying the start of the hearing several minutes. The lawyers returned to the court room at 9 25 and the hearing finally got underway at 9:30 a.m.

Lead counsel Van Irion read a portion of the letter from Kemp to Jablonski, pertaining to the denial of Obama’s attendance, into the court record. He then called David Weldon, a registered voter of Georgia who testified as to the validity of a birth certificate for Barack Obama Sr. he received through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). He read from section 11 of the document that stated Barack Obama Sr. was born in Kenya, East Africa. He also quoted 2 passages from Obama’s book “Dreams From My Father” that stated Obama Sr. was not allowed to leave Kenya in the 1966-’67 time frame due to passport issues.

Counsel presented the Constitutional issue of eligibility from Article II Section 2, Paragraph 5 and went through the Minor vs. Happersett Supreme Court decision outlining the wording in question in this matter.

Plaintiff Carl Swensson was then called and identified a copy of President Obama’s schedule received from the White House that showed no official business scheduled for the time of this hearing that would prevent him from attending. He then testified as to documents relating to his challenge filing and documents received from Secretary of State Kemp acknowledging receipt and acceptance of said documents.

Plaintiff Kevin Powell then testified as to the validity of documents he received as part of his challenge. He introduced the divorce papers of Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann. He also introduced certified copies of the certificate of nomination from the Democrat and Republican National Committees showing discrepancies in the working. The Republican form stated their candidate met all “Constitutional qualifications” while the Democrat form stated Obama was “duly nominated” as their presidential candidate.
Devin Allen was then called and testified that according to FOIA documents Barack Obama Sr. was never a citizen of the United States of America.

Attorney Orly Taitz questioned private investigator Susan Daniels who testified as to her findings in the investigation of Barack Obama’s Social Security Number. Ms. Daniels stated that Obama’s SSN is fraudulent, having been issued to other people who had died prior to the issuance to Obama.

Taitz then called forensic document experts, Including Doug Vogt, to testify as to the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate. Vogt went through various discrepancies in the lettering and spacing of the birth certificate issued by Obama and went into detail about how such a document could be altered using various software applications.

Taitz also called John Sampson, a retired INS inspector and expert on immigration document fraud. He testified that at the time the Connecticut social security number was allegedly issued Obama was living in Hawaii with his maternal grandparents. Sampson also testified that as an INS agent he would obtain original documents from the Social Security Agency, the State Department passport division and a birth certificate from the State of Hawaii.

Court was recessed at 11:17 a.m.

Governor Jan Brewer Exposes “Thin-Skinned” Obama

President Obama somehow believes he is beyond criticism, no matter how much truth is behind it, as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer found out firsthand when she attempted to give Obama a presidential welcome to her state when he landed at the airport. Watch the following video, as Governor Brewer explains just what was behind the viral picture that shows her pointing her finger at the President in what can only be properly described as a heated exchange.

A few facts that have come out about this “exchange of words.” First of all Barack Obama admits that he didn’t read the whole book, yet took umbrage with the fact that it didn’t paint him and his administration in a rosy, fluffy Liberal media way.

Secondly, President Obama did not dispute one single fact in the Governor’s book. Not one. So now we see a President that demands the facts be ignored when it suits his fluffed up agenda of spreading the misinformation about the illegal immigration problems America faces today. Governor Brewer has exposed Obama’s skin as being as thin of that which a snake has shed weeks ago and has been drying out in the sun. It is less than paper thin and twice as fragile. So much for the tough-guy image of Obama tried to bluff America and Congress with during his recent SOTU address.

Finally, President Obama received a harsh lesson in life from Governor Brewer as far as his all-powerful bully pulpit is concerned. Governor Brewer refused to bow down to the dictator, and got right in his face with the truth, no matter how uncomfortable the truth was for Barack Obama. Thank you Governor Brewer, for taking a stand and setting an example that all elected officials and Americans alike should follow. Truth-telling is making a comeback, much to the dismay of the Obama administration and the media puppets!

Mitt Romney to be on "Dancing With The Stars"

Tonight was an amazing night. I did not see Romney answer a single question. He just went into his usual Romney Rumba; a dance with dull motions that has neither rhythm nor style.

When asked about challenges about his owning stock in Freddie Mac Romney curtly replied that he didn’t know what investments he had made because they were in a blind trust.

Later he was challenged again about his finances and waltzed around the question with another feeble appeal to “not knowing” because his investments in a blind trust.

Then good ole Mitt has continued his lies about not being able to control what his super pac, that he funded, from saying what they said. That is a bunch of bunk. He is using Karl Rove to coordinate these vicious salacious Mambo moves. How does he get away with this? Romney can’t communicate directly with HIS super pac. But, he can dance regularly Karl, who has been open about not endorsing anyone, even though he is sneaky in his support of Mitt. He can legally try to persuade the “uncommitted” Rove that “if these super pacs said…” that would be a help to the Romney campaign while he remained a Square dancer. Low and behold the Roving Republican has a chat with his off-the-dance-floor partners and suddenly a very well time , but certainly uncoordinated attack begins to unfold.

Yet, in the debate when asked a relevant question he did his usual rendition of the Quickstep by telling the moderator that he needed to shut up because Mitt owned the debate and was conducting it and he would answer what he wanted. Then he proceeded to do the cha-cha-cha around giving a serious and honest answer.

Through the entire debate he was pushing the Jive as he demonstrated an upbeat twisting of the facts about Newt Gingrich.

Personally Mitt’s belly dancing around the issues is giving me a belly ache. It would be actually quite invigorating to have one of the moderators give him a “7” for style and a “0” for delivery.

He closed his major point with another derision about Newt Gingrich’s saying that Americans needed to have something good to believe in again, like the vision John Kennedy gave regarding the moon landing.

What the Governor of Taxachussetts really accomplished was to show us all that despite his crudeness toward what the Speaker said about the moon, Mitt Romney demonstrated that he is Dancing with his head in the Stars.

GOP Florida Debate: Santorum Wins, Moon Colonists Lose

If Republican voters had only Thursday’s GOP debate in Florida on which to base their votes, Rick Santorum would be our next candidate for President of the United States.  In a debate that was considerably more lively than the Brian Williams-hosted NBC snoozefest last week, Santorum came off as passionate, principled and knowledgeable.  CNN’s Wolf Blitzer moderated the debate and was satisfactory as usual.  Clearly Blitz and the CNN higher-ups were anxious to see Newt and Mitt go after each other on stage.  Goodness knows CNN could use the ratings boost.  They got their wish as the two front-runners spent the first 20 minutes of the debate ripping into each other on various issues, including negative ads and bad investments.  It made for good t.v. and Romney was more animatedthan he’s appeared at any other time in this whole process…but while the Speaker and the Governor were going for the respective jugulars a strange thing happened.  Rick Santorum showed up.  He took every opportunity to point out the uselessness of two big government candidates (as he claims they are) arguing about who is more fiscally conservative and highlighted his extensive knowledge on issues of foreign affairs and threats to the safety of Americans.

Don’t get me wrong – each man on stage had his own moment at times.  Any of these candidates would make a better President than the current Blamer-in-Chief and they all gave adequate reasons why that was true.  However, there was something about the way Romney and Gingrich went after each other Thursday night that came off as..well, petty.  Santorum (and Paul, for that matter) seized the opportunity. As both men were distracted arguing against each other, Santorum made his case for why he thinks he is the candidate with the sharpest contrast to Obama, and therefore most suited to run against him in the general elections.  He laid bare Romney’s greatest weakness – Romneycare; and he chastised Newt on his global warming demons.

As usual, Ron Paul ruled the roost on domestic spending and issues of healthcare.  Ron Paul has a supreme understanding of the disaster of socialized medicine.  He is old enough to remember when medical care was affordable to everyone; he remembers the days when you paid your family doctor when you saw him, from your own wallet, and not through a behemoth third party.  Its Paul’s foreign policy strategy that sinks him as a viable candidate. His “let’s just get to know each better and be friends” approach to despots like Castro and Chavez likely did very little to endear him to Florida voters, many of whom have had direct personal experience with the horrors of the Castro regime.

For the record, I see no problem with discussing issues of space and the race to colonize the moon.  Many people seem annoyed by it, and perhaps rightfully so in the face of the enormous fiscal challenges we are currently facing.  However, I see it as an important discussion.  It speaks to the superiority of American ideas and innovation, something our current President has worked very hard to suppress.  When Newt speaks of going to the moon, he is talking about vision, not practicalities.  I see value in that and so I do not discourage such talk.  I do agree that it is a back-burner issue right now.  We have to ensure there IS an America going forward before we can talk about getting America back to the moon.

Hands down, this debate goes to Rick Santorum.  It’s hard to tell if this stellar debate performance will turn into a bump in Florida for Santorum’s campaign; but if Newt and Mitt have done enough damage to each other in that state, Santorum could gain a surprising turnout come Tuesday’s primary vote.  Florida is a winner take all state, so it seems unlikely that Santorum would win outright, but a strong finish could give the Senator some considerable momentum.  All eyes turn to Florida Tuesday night.  Be sure to check in frequently with Conservative Daily News for up to the minute reporting as the polls close and votes are counted.

The Real Racism in the American Political System

If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of being called a racist because you’re an evil conservative and you don’t like Barack Obama. Because obviously the only plausible reason for disliking Obama is because he’s black. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that he’s a socialist and is intent on destroying the Constitution.

And as the 2012 election draws near, this kind of rhetoric is only building. There are pictures of Obama all over Facebook attacking the Tea Party and supporting Obama, many of them specifically directed at the ‘racism’ of the GOP.

Well I’m not a racist, and neither are any of my conservative friends. There’s a certain talk show host who is always telling me to do my own homework, so that’s exactly what I did. So, for the liberals who are so quick to jump to the race card, let’s take a look at racism in the GOP and DNC throughout the history of this country.

First of all, Democrats did not end slavery. Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, and the 39th Congress ended slavery with the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865. The majority party in both houses of Congress was Republican. The amendment passed by a vote of 119 to 56. 86 Republicans voted for the amendment, along with 15 Democrats. 50 Democrats voted against the amendment. And let’s not forget Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed slaves within the Confederacy.

Many Democrats will breeze right past Lincoln and the Civil War and champion President Lyndon Johnson, who signed the Voting Rights Act into law in 1964. What you won’t hear about them talk about is LBJ’s record with civil rights legislation prior to his presidency. During his time in the Senate and the House, Johnson voted against every piece of legislation dealing with civil rights that came for a vote. Johnson’s condescension towards minorities is well documented. Take for instance, this little gem of a sentence that Johnson said while discussing the passage of the Civil Rights Act: “I’ll have them n**gers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” Sound racist to you? Yeah, me too.

And for those who say, well he’s just one president, let’s not forget Andrew Jackson or FDR. Andrew Jackson, a Democrat, enforced the Indian Removal Act, which forced many Native Americans off their land. The long walk they had to endure to reach new land where they could live killed many Cherokees. The Indian Removal Act was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, but Jackson blatantly ignored their ruling and evicted the Native Americans anyway. Similarly, FDR put an entire minority race, Japanese Americans, into internment camps during World War II.
Now, remind me again, which party is racist? I’m just proud to be a member of a party that didn’t have a prominent senator who was formerly a grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan.

For more on the Thirteenth Amendment:

For more on LBJ:
-“The Years of Lyndon Johnson: Master of the Senate” by Robert A. Caro

Mitchell & Ray – 1/26 – SOTU and Stupid Conservatives

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Tonight: SOTU, Stupid Conservatives, the Candidate-Go-Round, Debt ..Ceiling? and Military Cuts.


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Obama's Class Warfare Continues

During his State of the Union (SOTU) address, President Barack Hussein Obama had Debbie Bosanke, Warren Buffett‘s secretary, be his guest and sit with Michelle Obama. Obama claims that Ms. Bosanke told him that she pays a higher tax rate than her boss, Warren Buffett on of the richest men in the world. Obama said that her paying a higher tax rate “just wasn’t fair.” So, with Obama’s penchant for telling half-truths, I thought a little deeper examination of his remark, which he has lately often repeated, was in order. Obama said, in the SOTU, “Right now, Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary.” Taken at face value, his statement seems that his “fairness” claim is justified. But, as Paul Harvey used to say, here is “the rest of the story.”

First, Obama was less than completely truthful when he said that Warren Buffett and his secretary, Debbie Bosanke, are not subject to the same tax rate. Obama said “tax rate,” when, in fact, there are different rates based on how people are paid. The capital gains tax rate is different from the salary tax rate. In reality, Buffett and his secretary are subject to the same tax rate if both of them derive income from capital gains. If Ms. Bosanke invested in stocks that pay a dividend, then she is paying the same rate as Buffett: 15%.

Second, if Ms. Bosanke gets a salary, she is still paying the same rate as her boss if he derives any income from a salary. If Mr. Buffett was paid a salary of ALL his income, he would have payed a higher rate than his secretary because the tax rate on salaries is progressive. The more you make the higher percentage you pay.

Third, 2009 IRS tax rates show some very interesting results. Taxpayers earning adjusted gross incomes of $200,000 to $500,000, pay an average tax rate of 19%, higher than the rate Obama claims Buffett pays. So, using Obama’s “logic,” Buffet must pay Ms. Bosanke a salary above $200,000. She is hardly the symbol of injustice that Obama wishes her to project.

Fourth, despite her heavy tax burden, Ms. Bosanke last year was able to purchase a second home in Arizona, a residence complete with a swimming pool and a professional PGA putting green, according to real estate records. Poor thing. She’s destitute! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Bottom line: Buffett and his secretary were taxed at the same rate on dividends. And Buffett’s salary, if he was paid any, would be taxed exactly as his secretary’s salary. ANYTHING Obama says, just like Bill Clinton, must be carefully parsed and analyzed. While truthful (more or less), he is less than forthcoming with ALL the facts needed to form a complete picture and make a decision. Obama used Warren Buffett and his secretary as props to support his continued class warfare rhetoric.

But that’s just my opinion.

Why obama is Toast

This just in from the Associated Press:

The Commerce Department said Thursday new-home sales fell last month to a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 307,000. The pace is less than half the 700,000 that economists say must be sold in a healthy economy.

About 302,000 homes were sold last year. That’s less than the 323,000 sold in 2010, making 2011 the worst year on records dating back to 1963.

This doesn’t bode well for the current White House occupant, who’s staking his re-election on a two pronged strategy of attacking Republicans and spinning the impression that, thanks to his policies, America’s economy is on the right track and on the road to recovery.

Numbers like these certainly won’t help him implement the second portion of this strategy. If the trend is up, as the White House, their surrogates in the “progressive” Democratic Party and the “progressive” Party Pravda keep telling us, why were there fewer new homes sold in 2011 than in 2010?

This speaks to the bigger reason why occupy Oval Office’s re-election changes are diminishing. People in America are not as stupid as the self appointed, self-imagined “intellectual elite” believe them to be.

Just because a bunch of self interested, self seeking snobs with highfalutin college degrees thumbtacked to their office walls altered the variables in the equation by which inflation rates are calculated doesn’t mean that people can’t and won’t see the truth. Bureaucrats in government can release all the doctored numbers it’s possible to cipher, desperately trying to convince people to deny their own cognitive abilities and take what they’re being told at face value…that there is no inflation. I guess them there fancy pants geniuses with them there Ivy League deeeegreeeees truly believe that average people, Joe and Josie six pack if you will, don’t see the cost of gasoline and food going up when they fill up their cars and go to the grocery store.

The “intellectual elite” keep trying to convince those dummies populating fly over America that thanks to massive big government spending and increased regulation through the stimulus, Dodd/Frank, and obamacare, unemployment numbers are going down and people are finding jobs. If you just happen to be one of the millions of folks who can’t find a job, haven’t been able to find a job after months or years of searching, live with someone who’s experiencing the same dilemma or hear from someone who just lost the good paying job with benefits they’d had for years, you’re absolutely, positively, definitely the exception to the rule.

The economic crash of 2008 was the direct result of the failed leadership of George W. Bush and failed Republican policies. The Tea Party is Astroturf. Tea Partiers are violent, extreme racists. The Tea Party spit on us. Occupy Wall Street is legitimate. Occupy Wall Street is a spontaneous grassroots movement. Newt Gingrich can’t win a general election. Mitt Romney’s a part of the isolated, evil rich 1%. Rick Santorum has no chance.

There’s no doubt about it. We have spoken, you will believe. The world’s a safer place! The world’s impression of the United States is better now that we’re in charge! America’s more respected now! Believe us…trust us…we’re the smart ones (read: not you). Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. I AM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ!

Oh brother.

GOP Ad Banned On Facebook

As I reported yesterday, Republican Mark Oxner released the following ad attacking his Democrat opponent

Candidate Mark Oxner released the following statement on his website this afternoon:

Our campaign ad promoting the video was reviewed, approved, and ran. Because it was hard hitting, Obama supporters complained and the ad was temporarily pulled by Facebook for re-review. It was re-approved and began to run again. So statists re-complained and it was pulled AGAIN! After re-re-review the ad was again approved and started running again.
On the fourth review, Facebook finally disapproved the ad and refuses to run it claiming that it violates their rules on images regarding political issues. Of course, none of us have seen ads on Facebook with negative images of Republicans, have we? The odd thing is that we have four other identical ads running on Facebook that they and the Obama for America PAC have no problem with. Same ad. Same image. No problem.
So what’s the problem?


Perhaps it’s a mix of ideology and poor business practices. We targeted the ad five different ways. The one they banned is getting tens of thousands of more impressions than the other ads. It’s getting thousands of more click throughs and the Cost Per Click is less than half of the other ads we are running.

Debt Ceiling Debate: Round 2


Congress is fresh off the ‘Great Debt Debate of 2011′, and wasting no time in kicking off Round 2 of this fight.  Today, the US Senate rejected a bill that would have prevented raising the Debt Ceiling by another $1.2 Trillion.

History of US Debt Ceiling has reported:

A procedural motion to move forward with the bill was rejected in a largely party-line 44-52 vote. The measure, approved by the GOP-controlled House of Representatives last week, had little chance of either passing Congress or surviving a certain presidential veto. It was considered a largely symbolic gesture on the part of Republicans.

So we shall keep our eyes and ears on the Congress, the President, and the GOP Candidates for President to see how this will wind up.

Newt Lied During CNN Debate


Newt Gingrich

CNN's John King

In the CNN GOP debate, and post-debate interview, when moderator John King asked candidate Newt Gingrich about the allegation made by his second ex-wife in an ABC News interview, Newt stated he offered several individuals to refute her claims.   ….Now we know that may not be the case.  According to a Gingrich staffer, Newt only offered his daughters from his first marriage.


CNN’s John King reports below:

Review: Alfonzo Rachel and His "Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction"

“Being a black and white kind of person is a good thing”.  This is how conservative pundit and musician Alfonzo Rachel begins his new audio book, Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction.  Rachel goes on to assert that the nuanced grey area most liberals pride themselves on living in is no more than a fog that blurs sound judgement and clear vision.  There’s no blurring of the lines happening in this audio book.  Rachel spends fifteen chapters carefully laying out his argument for conservatism and why it is a principle that he believes fits squarely with both his faith and his race.

As a Black conservative, Rachel has seen and heard his fair share of insults.  While the left obsesses over the supposed racism in conservative “code words” such as ‘basketball’ and ‘food stamps’, they are not shy about openly calling Black pundits on the right brainwashed, sell-outs, porch-monkeys, house Negros (or worse, if the person doing the insulting happens to be Black and therefore officially “allowed” to use the n-word) and Uncle Toms.  Alfonzo Rachel wholly rejects all those labels but one: Uncle Tom.  He reminds readers that Uncle Tom was a slave who rebelled against his masters, refused to beat his own people, and sacrificed his own safety for the freedom of other slaves.  In the book, Uncle Tom is a hero who was despised by his slave brethren who had been appointed “overseers” for the master.  Somehow, over the years the left has completely twisted this heroic character into an insult that means the exact opposite of who and what Uncle Tom truly represented.

Rachel spends the bulk of his time in this book untwisting the liberal narrative on the Republican party and conservatism in general.  With humor, biting wit and extremely well-researched sources, he carefully lays out the history of the GOP in the United States, as well as the disturbing and dirty past of the Democrat party.  Haven’t you ever wondered just how the party that freed the slaves and passed civil rights legislation somehow became saddled with the Jim Crow label of the actual party of Jim Crow – the Democrats? Rachel lays that history out bare and dares the listener dispute the facts.

This, however, is not just a book about politics; it is also about faith -the role it has played in Rachel’s life and in the evolution of America.  Strands of the faith of the Founding Fathers and Judeo-Christian values are seamlessly woven into a discussion about topics that affect every American life – abortion, family structure, capitalism, etc.  I asked Rachel if he worried that his boldness about his faith as a Christian would turn people off.  “I can’t worry about that,” he responded. “If I were to separate my faith from my politics then I really would be the sellout people accuse me of being. I will not sell out my God and I will not sell out my country.”

Far from selling out, Alfonzo Rachel has created a firm and often humorous defense of conservatism, America and faith.  He even includes some original music for our listening pleasure.  “Right Wingin’ Woman” is sure to become an instant classic – “I’m diggin’ you in your conservative skirt; Makes me so excited that it almost hurts; You’re the kind of woman that I want for my wife; You’re a real woman cuz you’re pro-life”.  The song alone is worth the price of admission, trust me.  Don’t be deceived by the title, the book isn’t crass.  The A.S.S. in the title is actually symbolic and an acronym: it represents the symbol of the Democrat party and also stands for American Socialist States, which is where he believes the Democrats are trying to take us.

Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction is currently only available in audio form, although the author does plan a printed release in the near future.  This is really a story better told aloud anyway.  Rachel’s voice, expression and musical contributions bring the content to life in a way that will have you laughing out loud and wanting to pull your hair out in frustration at the same time.  Its a fun, easy listen; great for the commute to work.  Just be sure to suppress that urge to applaud when Rachel says out loud what most conservatives only wish they could say so succinctly.  Hands on the wheel!  Ten and two folks…ten and two.  Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction will be available for download January 27th.

ACTA – Is It Worse Than SOPA?


The online community was in an uproar about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  SOPA caused Wikipedia and Reddit blacked out their sites, Google ‘redacted’ their logo, and even some members of congress blacked out their websites.

The outcry was due to the internet censorship that could have resulted from the SOPA legislation.  The backlash caused bill sponsors to withdraw, and the legislation essentially died.  But the war on the Internet is just getting warmed up.

ACTA seems to be a nasty, dastardly Big Brother to SOPA.  ACTA is an international treaty, rather than US legislation.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) states the following on their website:

While little information has been made available by the governments negotiating ACTA a document recently leaked to the public entitled “Discussion Paper on a Possible Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement” from an unknown source gives an indication of what content industry rightsholder groups appear to be asking for – including new legal regimes to “encourage ISPs to cooperate with right holders in the removal of infringing material” criminal measures and increased border search powers. The Discussion Paper leaves open how Internet Service Providers should be encouraged to identify and remove allegedly infringing material from the Internet. However the same industry rightsholder groups that support the creation of ACTA have also called for mandatory network-level filtering by Internet Service Providers and for Internet Service Providers to terminate citizens’ Internet connection on repeat allegation of copyright infringement (the “Three Strikes” /Graduated Response) so there is reason to believe that ACTA will seek to increase intermediary liability and require these things of Internet Service Providers.

Take Action NOW!   Below is another video that you MUST watch, as well as more informational resources and Twitter accounts to follow for updates and breaking information regarding ACTA.


For more information visit:

EFF’s International Issue Page on ACTA:

European Digital Rights’ (EDRi) coverage here:

La Quadrature du Net’s coverage here:

Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure’s (FFII) blog on ACTA

Twitter hash tags: #ACTA

Twitter accounts:





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