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Green Failures

Here are a few of the latest companies to join the growing list of ”green” “sustainable energy” failures that have been supported by the current Administration’s deficit “stimulus” spending. All this financing has been done using your tax dollars…well, actually tax dollars to be paid in the future by your grandchildren and great grandchildren to China. Plus interest:

Evergreen Energy-Which has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, saying it’s “impossible to maintain operations” due to funding shortfalls. This announcement comes after the company received $5.3 million in “stimulus” funds.

Amonix Inc.-A manufacturer of solar panels that received $5.9 million from the “stimulus”, will lay off about 200 employees only seven months after opening a factory in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s home State of Nevada.

Beacon Power Corp-Sought bankruptcy protection last year after they received a $43 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy.

Ener1 Electric-A car battery manufacturer, filed for bankruptcy last Thursday, three years after receiving a $118.5 million grant from the U.S. government.

These are all in addition to Solyndra-A solar panel maker that received a $535 million loan guarantee, then famously filed for Chapter 11 protection weeks ago.

This should be quite the political embarrassment for the current White House occupant, who has championed these loans as a way to create “green energy” jobs. When you total up the costs to taxpayers for just these five companies, it comes to $707.7 million. Although it’s a recognizable reality that we now live in an insane world where politicians throw the phrase “trillions of dollars” around like nobody’s business, even a cocaine addict would take a very long time to blow $1 million, much less $707.7 million. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

These are some of the myriad of problems found with centrally planned big government intruding into the free market. Not only is the spending inherently wasteful, the fact that these companies were in large part operated by big donors to Democratic political campaign points to the corruption involved when ideologically captive, politically driven politicians make investment decisions based on cronyism. Can you say quid quo pro?

All government energy subsidies should end, leaving energy companies free to compete without government interference. If and when “green” “sustainable energy” becomes the best competitive solution, consumers will reward “green” companies that used private capital to successfully situate themselves in the market by purchasing their products. That’s how it works. That’s what makes America the greatest economic success in human history.

#NDAA TwitterBomb Monday Night

Today – Monday, January 30, 2012 – starting at 7pm Eastern, Twitter users are encouraged to participate in a “TwitterBomb” for the National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA.

The NDAA allows for the unlawful, indefinite detention of American citizens, and has been mostly ignored by the media and politicians.  Only two Presidential candidates oppose this unconstitutional bill: Ron Paul & Buddy Roemer.

Looking at the image to the right,coming from Google Trends, the top column is the frequency a topic is searched, and the bottom column is the frequency the topic is discussed in the news.

Monday night, we implore you to Google search every thing you possibly can about NDAA, and then post it and share it to your Facebook & Twitter accounts with the hashtag #NDAA – or, if possible, write out “National Defense Authorization Act” completely.

Search YouTube (owned by Google), where you can find videos by Jon Stewart and many, many others who have voiced their opposition towards the bill.  Post and share these videos repeatedly on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.  The American People succeeded in killing SOPA (Is ACTA Worse?), now let’s kill the #NDAA.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” ~Samuel Adams~


Jihad in the USA

Young men in Minnesota still being encouraged to join the jihad.

A college student from St. Paul, MN has been arrested on charges of making terroristic threats, according to his family.

As reported by, “[t]he family of Sharmarke Duale, 20, told police he had done well in high school and college until he began attending a mosque on University Avenue, according to a criminal complaint.

The name of the mosque was not mentioned.

“Since that time, he has been very disrespectful toward the women in the house and has threatened his father to try to get his father to assist Duale in getting a passport,” according to the complaint filed Thursday in Ramsey County District Court.”

According to the report, Duale had become aggressive recently and threatened to injure or kill his mother and sister. Duale also allegedly demanded assistance from his father to obtain a passport so he could travel to fight jihad, though his father is denying that claim.

This is not an isolated incident.

The FBI has investigated the rising number of young men from Minnesota that are being radicalized and joining terror groups in recent years.

In 2008 and 2009, the FBI investigated 20 missing persons cases involving young men and boys, who were in some cases reportedly found in Somalia training with al-Shabaab, an Al Qaeda-linked terror group attempting to take over the Somali government.

The New York Times reported on the situation in 2009:

“An examination by The New York Times, based on interviews with close friends and relatives of the men, law enforcement officials and lawyers, as well as access to live phone calls and Facebook messages between the men and their friends in the United States, reveals how a far-flung jihadist movement found a foothold in America’s heartland.

The men appear to have been motivated by a complex mix of politics and faith, and their communications show how some are trying to recruit other young Americans to their cause.”

Noting the threat to young men of Somali decent in the Minneapolis area, Somali President Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed visited the Twin Cities in October 2009 to denounce the recruitment of young men by al Shabaab and its supporters. Ahmed vowed to work with U.S. officials, parents and imams to thwart future attempts to radicalize young people in the United States.

That message didn’t make it Sharmarke Duale.

Duale has no previous criminal record and was being held as of Friday in the the Ramsey County Jail.

Congress, a failure to communicate

The Republican candidates running for Oklahoma Congressional District 2 –  the  seat being vacated by Dan Boren – have grand plans for what they are going to do if elected. While I admire them for the time they have put into forming their plans, I don’t think they really understand the situation we face as a nation.

America isn’t facing political problems first and foremost. Our nation is facing moral and ethical problems of monumental proportions. Our candidates have this and that planned, but how will they get anything implemented? I have watched Washington D. C. long enough to know what happens when freshmen legislators get there. Trent Lott said it very succinctly after the 2010 mid-term elections. When asked about the TEA Party candidates elected his response was, “we will co-opt them as soon as they get here”.

How do new members get co-opted? All of their grand plans have to be given the green light by the Speaker of the House before anything happens with them. And how does a plan get the green light from the Speaker? Ah, the strings begin to come out with “well, you help me with this project and I will help you with yours”. The next thing you know our newly elected Congressman is looking for office space close to the powers-that-be, sub-committee and committee seats, that “grand plan” being moved to the front of the line for consideration, etc. The only way to get plum assignments that mean more money, power, and prestige, and to get any action on the grand promises they have made to get elected, is to do as the Speaker wants done. Co-opt accomplished!!! They give-in, give-in, give-in, with the hopes that their turn will come up. It is like the gambler who thinks the next card will be their big strike, but it never happens.

Congress is full of grand plans to solve every issue known to man. The problem is the wheeling and dealing from the bottom of the deck, in smoke filled back rooms and behind locked doors, out of the public eye. What is done to address the grand plans is nothing short of bribery, hence moral and ethical issues. Do you remember the movie “Cool Hand Luke”, when the guard says,

“What we have here is a failure to communicate”?

What we have in Washington is a “failure to communicate integrity”. Too many members of Congress are willing to make deal after deal to make a splash back home, to “bring home the bacon” so to speak, or to get some pet project a big money supporter wants done. The problem is that it won’t happen without compromises that go against every moral fiber that should exist in a member of Congress.

Washington doesn’t have a lack of plans; it has a lack of integrity, honor, and honesty. What we need is someone who will go there, not to pass some grand plan that sounds like an answer to prayer, but to bring prayer, honesty, and integrity to a cesspool, or “dismal swamp” as Nancy Pelosi called it. I just heard a speech on the floor of the Senate by Tom Coburn. He talked about the amount of spending, the debt limit raises, and the failure of any kind of reform reaching the floor to be voted on. He chided Senators for talking about problems but never doing anything to stop the runaway spending and duplicate programs. One area he mentioned had 88 programs dealing with one problem.

Washington is full of men and women trying to find a political answer to a moral and ethical issue. Until we send men and women of strong moral character, with the knowledge of how to garner support for honesty and integrity we are going to continue along the lines we have travelled for many years.

We are trying to find political solutions to moral and ethical problems. We need a congressman with the ability to tackle these areas, not get some grand plan for austerity proposed because it won’t go anywhere. I have seen it time and again.

Washington D. C. was a very Godly town when our founding fathers resided there. George Washington took the Bible he swore his oath on to a 2 hour church service immediately after the ceremony, asking God for His blessing over the task at hand. Church services were regularly held in the Capitol rotunda in those days, a time before “the separation of church and state”. If there is any hope of restoring America this is the way it must be done.

If we had 535 men and women like our founders in Washington D. C., America would not be in the spot it is in today. We don’t need a Congress full of “grand plans”. We need members of Congress who have the character, courage, and most importantly, the experience to find moral and ethical solutions to moral and ethical problems. Until this is accomplished we have no hope of solving the political problems.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility give to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma
January 30, 2012

Congress To Attempt Self Policing… Really!

Would you trust your 7 year old child to “self-regulate” their sugar intake the day after Halloween?  Just leave your child with a gigantic bowl of candy, and tell them to use their own discretion.  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?  Members of Congress are now claiming that they will try something akin to that.

Congress doesn’t have a sugar intake problem, it has an insider trading problem.

With this issue recently brought to light, FoxNews reports:

Insider trading laws apply to all Americans, but CBS’ “60 Minutes” in November said members of Congress get a pass, citing investment transactions by party leaders and a committee chairman in businesses about to be affected by pending legislation.

The broadcast report raised questions about trades of House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio; the husband of Democratic leader and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California; and Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Ala., chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.

All three denied using any insider information to make stock trades, but the broadcast set off a flurry of efforts in Washington to deal with the public perception.

Due to the revelations from the “60 Minutes” story, the Senate will take up legislation that will prevent Congress members from using information that is “nonpublic” for their personal gain.  As expected, the bill has your typical Congressional Acronym to identify its purpose:  The STOCK Act, standing for Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge.

A procedural vote is scheduled for today that would allow this bill, which is endorsed by the President, to see a floor vote later in the week.

400 “Peaceful” Oakland Occupiers Arrested

The Occupy Wall Street mob violence flared up again this past weekend in Oakland, Calif., resulting in over 400 arrests while many mainstream media puppeteers still refer to the Occupy protesters as being involved in a “peaceful” historic national movement across America. Yahoo has decided to slap a retread of a Reuters article title today that is titled, Arrests in Oakland protests rise to over 400  into their Destination 2012 section, which is supposed to be about the 2012 national elections. How does that decision line up with the Occupy Wall Street operatives and their constant claims that the movement is not political? Certain people are trying to give this “movement” validity by inserting it into a national politics section. Reuters goes out of it’s way to try to distance this weekend’s violence from the Occupy Wall Street mob several times in the above-linked article with the following tidbits: (emphasis added)

“The protests in most cities have been peaceful and sparked a national debate over how much of the country’s wealth is held by the richest 1 percent of the population. President Barack Obama has sought to capitalize on the attention by calling for higher taxes on the richest Americans.”


 “Oakland Mayor Jean Quan accused a “violent splinter group” of the Occupy movement of fomenting the Saturday protests and using the city as its playground.” ( that would be the same Mayor who spoke at an Occupy Oakland Rally and largely refused to clamp down on these misfits, even when rampant drug abuse, rape, theft, and overall filthy conditions were being reported in these Occupy camps across America, and especially in Oakland)


“Crews cleaned up Oakland’s historic City Hall on Sunday from damage inflicted overnight during violent anti-Wall Street protests that resulted in about 400 arrests, marking one of the largest mass arrests since nationwide protests began last year.” (Notice the concentrated effort to not call these people who they really are, as in Occupy Wall Street protesters?)


The media is proven to be complicit in attempting to separate the Occupiers into two categories to nudge the public perception of just who these Occupiers really are. The thousands of violent acts, rapes, drug arrests, and massive reports of theft are all put into the “violent splinter group category”  in order to protect the supposedly peaceful, fun-loving, innocent rest of the group. The Occupiers claim to represent 99% of Americans while the fact remains that the informed citizenry finds them repulsive and disgusting, as many surveys have reported.  Politico  shows us that, at one point, 37% of Americans viewed the OWS  crowd favorably. That was the headline, by the way, while ignoring the other 63% of America that sees the OWS crowd for what it is: A bunch of nasty, defecating on police cars and urinating in the street, rabble-rousers, rapists, anarchists and low-life criminals who have no respect for the rest of society. Yet the media manipulators still paint them as some type of grassroots movement that is endeared by all of America, including  Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.

Of course the media has to paint the OWS mob in an angelic light, as we see in this article that the Occupiers do, in fact, have the support of the DNC and Barack Obama. Just ask yourselves one question: When, if ever, have you heard President Obama, any Democrat, or anyone in their media-puppet stable denounce the OWS perpetrators for the numerous reports of rape, theft, and their overall disrespect for the rest of society? Just watch how the media downplays this weekend’s 400+ Occupy Wall Street arrests in Oakland, just like they downplayed the planned shutdown of  many of America’s shipping ports back on Monday, Dec, 12th 2011. To note that after that action, Best Buy ended up with a shortage of electronics products that were ordered for Christmas. Coincidence? The public will never know, as the mainstream media largely refused to report on the mob action targeting the nation’s shipping ports 13 days before Christmas.

This latest Occupy Wall Street episode in Oakland actually started on Saturday, when the Occupiers tried to take over an empty downtown convention center to establish a new headquarters.  The Occupiers don’t think they should have to  pay for anything in life, they just take it.  To prove this point, they hurled bottles, pipe bombs, smoke bombs, burning flares, and assorted improvised explosive devices at police who were stopping them from taking over a convention center on Saturday. The police also warned the Occupy Wall Street protesters that they would not tolerate the continued violence and  overt lawlessness on Sunday. Occupy Wall Street chose to ignore the warning, thus over 400 of them were arrested.

Finally, after months of ignoring the Occupy Wall Street protesters in our nation’s capitol on orders from the administration of Barack Obama under the guise of free speech, the National Park Service will start enforcing the decades old ban on camping overnight in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza on Monday at noon. We can look forward to more false-flag media stories about supposed police brutality and  abuse tomorrow coming out of DC, as the pattern of Occupy Wall Street protesters baiting police officers with camera’s at the ready will be sure to continue.

Update: Watch the mob violence here.







Will Grassroots Ad Campaign Create Political Tsunami?

Captain Obama in "Turn This Ship Around" ad

Conservative Daily News has reported on two 2012 Congressional candidates using the controversial, tightrope-walking ad which garnered over 90,000 views in four days.  “Turn This Ship Around” lands a series of punches squarely on the chin of President Obama.  Mr. Obama is portrayed as the arrogant, steadfast captain of a  ship heading in the wrong direction.

The first candidate to feature the ad was Mark Oxner of Florida, followed by Senate Candidate Brian K. Hill of Connecticut.

This is just the beginning.

The ad has already caused waves in the political world – but a Political Tsunami may be brewing on the horizon.

According to the ad’s producer Vernon Furniss, more candidates will be using the ad in their campaigns in the near future.

“It’s all part of a new strategy to make it easier and more cost-effective for grass-roots Republican candidates to gain national attention,” Furniss said. “It’s also part of a strategy to directly counter Obama’s one billion campaign dollars on a nationwide scale for every candidate opposed to his policies. We call it asymmetrical campaigning.”

Why would so many candidates around the country gravitate around the use of a common ad?

Senate Candidate Brian K. Hill

“A candidate has to have the name ID to raise money and put up a good fight,” said Ladd Ehlinger, the director of the ad. “The game is tilted towards the super-rich, self-financing candidate or the famous. It should instead be about political philosophy.”

The financial aspect of the advertising concept was highly attractive to the campaign of Brian Hill, who faces a primary showdown with Linda McMahon – wife of millionaire wrestling magnate Vince McMahon.

Chip Jones, political consultant and Political Director for the Brian K. Hill for U.S. Senate campaign, agrees, saying:

 “It’s a completely new concept in grassroots campaigning – “reverse bundling.”  In the past, major national candidates employed ‘bundlers’ who put numbers of donors together to maximize return in fundraising.  Those candidates were, in reality, the most highly capitalized to start with, often backed by their own money.  Grassroots candidates, most often those who owe no favors and can bring forth the freshest ideas, are at a competitive disadvantage behind the fundraising ability of the ‘status quo.’  Yet the voters yearn for fresh unencumbered faces to support. This is a means of highlighting them to larger donors who want to support their particular platform.”

The ad is not all about finances and access to fundraising, as Mr. Ehlinger stated.  It’s about philosophy and strategy.  With multiple candidates around the country using the same ad, it highlights the policies of President Obama, his administration, and, more importantly, the incumbent Democrats in Congress who agree with Obama.

There are detractors in the GOP establishment who say that focusing on Obama is the wrong path due to some of his recent favorability poll numbers.

“Hogwash,” says Brad Marston, co-founder of the political strategy firm FourTier Strategies, one of the participating vendors in the concept. “Our

Congressional Candidate Mark Oxner

job is to change the polls, not cower in fear from them. Don’t just take a poll and then throw up your hands. Polling is just part of the initial research. Then you devise a strategy to win.”

Furniss is in agreement with Marston, “”This is what the RNC, NRCC, and the NRSC should be doing.  They should be experimenting, helping to figure out ways for their candidates to advertise more cost-effectively against Obama and George Soros and other rich Democrats.”

The controversial nature of the ad, and unorthodox method of it being a nationwide, multi-candidate ad will change the face of Grassroots marketing and political campaigning.  The most important facet, perhaps, is the consolidation of the message.  This “reverse bundling” campaign style could unite candidates around singular ideas and messages and be the first step in uniting the conservative cause and message.

Prepare yourself… The Political Tsunami could strike very soon.

U.S. Military Leaving Iraq? Not So Fast…

Iraq President Jalal Talabani


President Obama and his administration are making preparations to negotiate with Iraq on a possible long-term defense relationship between the two nations.


Acording to Michele Flournoy, an aide to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, the administration is poised to hear Iraqi proposals about how much involvement the US will have, according to a FoxNews report:


“One of the things we’re looking forward to doing is sitting down with the Iraqis in the coming month or two to start thinking about how they want to work with” the U.S. military to develop a program of exercises, training and other forms of security cooperation, Flournoy said.

The U.S. military completed its withdrawal from Iraq in December after nearly nine years of war. Both sides had considered keeping at least several thousand U.S. troops there to provide comprehensive field training for Iraqi security forces, but they failed to strike a deal before the expiration of a 2008 agreement that required all American troops to leave.

Members of the administration, including Vice President Biden are continuing negotiations with members of the Iraqi government in hopes of striking an agreement.

"Turn This Ship Around" Becoming 2012 Mantra, And Movement

On January 25th, CDN reported on the new video by Florida GOP Candidate Mark Oxner, which was titled “Turn This Ship Around”.  The video created a buzz due to the unique – even odd – nature of the video, with it’s plethora of innuendos and subtle messages.

Now, the message is spreading.  Connecticut Republican Brian K. Hill, who is running for the US Senate, has adopted the video and the message.  What started as a single campaign video, now appears to be transforming into a movement, sporting it’s own website:


Senate Candidate Brian K. Hill

Hill is a former active duty military officer & JAG attorney and small business owner  who still abides by the oath he took to protect the US Constitution.  His path to the GOP nomination will be a hard one, as he faces off against Linda McMahon – wife of millionaire Wresting mogul Vince McMahon.



UN Considers Action Against Syria

Syrian Protestors

Amid violence and unrest in Syria has the UN Security Council proposing a resolution that would call on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down from office and transfer power to a new government.

Reports from the Syrian State Media Monday say that the ‘terrorists’ have blown up a gas pipeline near the border with Lebanon.

According to a Breaking News Report from The Associated Press at 4:30am ET:

Syrian activists report hearing gunfire and explosions in suburbs of Damascus as the country’s conflict moves ever closer to the capital.

Monday’s reports by the Local Coordination Committees, an opposition group, could not be independently confirmed.

On Sunday, Syrian troops in dozens of tanks and armored vehicles stormed rebellious areas near the capital, shelling neighborhoods that have fallen under the control of army dissidents and clashing with fighters.

Activists and residents said at least 62 people were killed in violence nationwide.

The widescale Sunday offensive suggested the regime is worried that military defectors could close in on Damascus, the seat of President Bashar Assad’s power.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

The reports of the effects of Syrian violence differ, depending on whose statistics are cited.  According to CNN:

 The United Nations last month estimated that more than 5,000 people have died since March, when the government launched a crackdown against demonstrators. Opposition groups estimate a higher death toll, with counts near or exceeding 7,000 people.

The opposition has blamed the deaths on government actions. The Syrian government says terrorists are responsible for the casualties.

Embracing Technology, Obama To Host Google+ Hang Out Today

When Google launched it’s “Google Plus” – a social network – one of the key features was a “Hang Out”.  A “Hang Out” is where users can interact and communicate with multiple friends and people in a video conference style setting.

Today at 5:30 ET, President Obama will be hosting a Google+ Hang Out town hall meeting.  The President is keeping the trend of utilizing social media and connection to many younger voters with these interactive town hall meetings.  in 2011, Mr. Obama held a Twitter Town Hall, Youtube Town Hall, and a Facebook Town Hall.

In the previous incarnations of these Social Media Town Hall event, the White House was criticized for using too much pre-screening and avoiding the tougher or more controversial issues.

Did You Forget About Oregon Election On Tuesday? We Didn't.

On Tuesday, January 31st, Floridians will be heading to the polling booths to vote in the

Presidential primaries for their state.  But there is another election on Tuesday, and it’s on the other side of the continent.

Oregonians will be participating in a special election to fill the vacant seat for the state’s 1st Congressional, formerly held by Democrat David Wu.

The candidates are Democratic State Sen. Suzanne Bonamici and Republican Rob Cornilles.

A recent Moore Information poll showed Cornilles at 42%, with Bonamici holding a 4 point lead at 46%.


Rob Cornellis

Suzanne Bonamici (D)

Democrats have maintained control over the 1st District seat for 38 years.

Keystone Pipeline Now In Congressional Hands?

Keystone Pipeline


Only two fistfuls of days after President Obama shut the door on the Keystone Pipeline project, it appears that The House Of Representatives and Speaker Of The House John Boehner may be kicking that door back open.

On Sunday, Speaker Boehner spoke with ABC’s Jake Tapper on “This Week” saying:

“All options are on the table. If it’s not enacted before we take up the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act, it’ll be part of it,”

The Keystone project would extend an oil pipeline from Canada through the United States.

Citing political maneuvering as President Obama’s motivation for killing the project earlier this month, Boehner said:

“Now that the president has decided for political reasons that we’re not going to move ahead just yet, not until after the election… we’re going to have to find another way to lean on the Senate, to take this issue up, because the Keystone pipeline will create … over 100,000 indirect jobs,”

In an economic environment where jobs are a precious rarity, we will keep an eye on Congress and see if the Split-body can make inroads into the project.


Why Successful Business Owners Benefit Us All

Over and over, we hear from the far-left in this country how, the rich should be paying their fair-share. And, there is this continued presumption by the left, that, the rich owe citizens more and more simply because they are rich. It is well-established that the rich in this country pay far more taxes then any other group of citizens. In fact, there is a vast amount of American citizens who are currently paying no Federal Income Tax, whatsoever. So, the logical question that should be asked, is, why are these citizens not paying their so-called, fair-share?

I recently saw this clip of Elizabeth Warren, where she says, “There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own.” That, in my humble opinion, and in the context of how she framed it, is not only very disturbing, but it also confirms another presumption by the left, that, business owners, who have become successful in business, are the only ones who gain from their business. Nothing could be further from the truth! For example, let’s consider a local supermarket: Every day, that supermarket works around the clock to bring fresh food products to “their communities.” This is a “luxury” that we Americans really take for granted; but, this luxury is a direct result of our mostly free-market economy, and the entrepreneur who “took the risk” and opened that supermarket.

We also need to consider the hundreds of employees that the supermarket owner employs. And, how about the thousands of companies that manufacture these food products? The supermarket owner, by buying and selling their products, has helped those companies to grow; and, by extension, has helped those respective companies to hire more people, as their needs grow.

The value that this supermarket owner created, has not only benefited their community, but it has benefited thousands of people all over the country. And this is only a few of the thousands of examples that one could think of, when pondering all the “reciprocal benefits” of a successful business.

When most of us clock out, and go home for the evening; or spend our weekends in leisure, we should consider the millions of people who have worked around the clock, rarely took off, and sacrificed most of their leisure time, and personal lives, so that they could create a successful business – that not only bettered their lives, but hundreds, if not thousands of lives as well.

Therefore, for anyone who wants to continue believing that rich people and business owners are just greedy, and out for themselves, I would ask you to reconsider your mode of thinking, and try to see how, and why, we should actually be grateful to most of the people who have become wealthy in our country.

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