New Site Petitions Indiana Governor To Run For White House

By | January 24, 2012

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One thought on “New Site Petitions Indiana Governor To Run For White House

  1. WillofLa

    Oh yeah, he did a bang up job on Indiana’s interstate highway system toll road section, whatever. But his site has left out some important facts about how Daniels got the four billion dollars to do other things for Indiana. Yes, what was left out was he sold a big section of Indiana’s interstate to a Spanish consortium between Spain and Austrailia to charge motorists a toll, since it’s a toll road, duh, and guess what? Indiana doesn’t get a penny out of the toll. Every dime goes to Spain, and they get to keep it….for 10 years!!

    I didn’t know a governor could sell part of the Interstate Highway System that was paid for by U.S. taxpayers! I thought that was government property and didn’t belong to the states the highways go through other than being patrolled by that states, State Police forces, and that states Sheriff’s Dept..

    But I guess I am wrong or something about a state being able to sell part of government property without the Congress having to pass some sort of a bill that allows that state to sell that part of the Interstate.

    And doesn’t creating a bunch of new offices and dept’s run up debt in that state? Do you mean to tell me that Indiana didn’t have a motor vehicle office where people go to get their driver’s license? How did they get vehicle registration and whatnot? I don’t know about Gov. Daniels. He had real good words against Obama, and I liked what he said, but one speech doesn’t make him a President of the most powerful nation on Earth, or it used to be.

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