NBC Republican Debate January 23rd 9pm [full video and poll]

By | January 23, 2012

It wouldn’t be the 2012 Presidential campaign season without another GOP debate and NBC has come to the rescue.

Tonight at 9pm Eastern, NBC will hold the next in a series of Republican candidate debates which will include Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.

Expect the debate to be the Mitt and Newt show – trading barbs on what has or hasn’t been released and who’s the better Conservative.

Taking into consideration Mitt Romney’s announcement to reporters shortly after conceding the landslide loss in South  Carolina, he is widely expected to lash out at Newt in the debate tonight. Mitt will likely demand Newt’s contract from Freddie Mac and other artifacts in an attempt to damage Gingrich’s rising favor with the electorate.

Rick Santorum was crowned the winner of the Iowa Caucuses, but hasn’t shown strongly in the two primaries that followed. His standings in the most recent national poll give little reason for any of the candidates or the moderators to aim questions and/or comments at him.

Ron Paul will likely stick to talking about financial bubbles and his non-interventionism foreign policy. Rep. Paul is the only remaining candidate not to have won in a primary or caucus. That, along with his disappointing results in South Carolina faltering national poll numbers may see another debate where Paul is less-involved than his fans would like.


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6 thoughts on “NBC Republican Debate January 23rd 9pm [full video and poll]

  1. watevausay

    Im a democrate and im loving every minute of this. keep fighting amoungst yourselves. A word of advice if the republicans want a chance to beat obama. VOTE RON PAUL!! LOL

  2. Mary Carmen Kelly

    When I vote for a candidate in the primary, it’s not because he has convinced me that he’s better than every other candidate in his own party, it’s because he has convinced me that he is better than the candidate he will be running against in the general election. Why don’t these candidates focus on Pres. Obama’s as their opponent, because that is who their ultimate opponent will be.

    1. Mr. 20 Something

      I’m voting for Ron Paul because he is the only politician who is not bought and paid for by the off shore central bankers and mega corporations. He got cheated in Iowa wher some 1080 voter precencts were not called in to the secret election officials and those were almost all college towns where Ron Paul was way out in front. Iowa was a total fraud. The establishment is afraid of him and will do whatever they can to keep him out.

      If you want no change then vote for a

  3. mjcarothers

    Mitt needs to explain how much money he has in out of country bank accounts.!

    1. azGuy

      What difference does that make? Red Herring for sure. He has a lot of money – we NEED someone who understands the economy. Not a stupid lifetime politition that got us in this @#$% situation in the first place!!!

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