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2 thoughts on “More MSM Unemployment Fraud

  1. WillofLa

    See, when you hire a bunch of eggheads and bean counters to do the figuring of how many people are out of a job, it would be simple to us as to how to figure who is out of work and who isn’t. But it’s all those “U” numbers that mess me up. They are so conflicting as to what means what. But if the commerce dept. was run by somebody like me I would have all the employment offices send in who is drawing unemployment insurance and who isn’t, have the state Chamber’s of Commerce give me the numbers of businesses and how many people work there, and whoever isn’t drawing unemployment anymore, and isn’t showing up working at a business is either working under the table or still out of work and doing odd jobs for cash.

    It’s that if you have a social security number and have a job, either just got it or you’ve been there for awhile, that information is on file. Simple. But the problem is getting that info on paper compared to who isn’t working compared to who doesn’t show up on some chart causes problems. That’s where the governments bean counters come in. They have a way of juggling numbers to make things look anyway you want it to turn out. Even this next President will use the same method to look at jobs. What he needs to do is throw all those “U” numbers out and accounting schemes and just go on simple math called in from businesses and state employment offices and you will come pretty close to the truth about whose working and who isn’t.

  2. James G. Borden

    National Headquarters: Hilo, HI. 96720

    As usual the illegal White House and the Socialist mainstream news media are lying to the American people.

    Kenyan Born Moslem President Barrack Hussein Obama II needs to continue to B.S. voters in order to get illegally re-elected.

    Intelligent voters know that this unemployment rate is a phony just like Moslem President Obama’s Certificate of Birth.

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