Latest national poll shows dim prospects for Ron Paul

By | January 5, 2012

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One thought on “Latest national poll shows dim prospects for Ron Paul

  1. Piet

    Paul is either hated or loved, there is nothing in between. With 60% of the people that see him as unfavorable or somewhat unfavorable he can still get the other 40%. And if votes are split between te remaining candidates than paul can still win with those numbers. Of all the candidates, Paul is the only good speaker and the only one to have a presidential charisma, and not the charisma of a car salesman like romney.

    I think this will end up to be a race between romney and Paul. The socially conservatives have to little support in the more “social liberal” states and will eventually drop out of the race one by one even Rick Santorum.

    In the end Romney has the better chanche of winning, unless Paul somehow reaches the older republican voters.

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