Iran – Will They or Will They Not Close the Strait of Hormuz?

By | January 1, 2012

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2 thoughts on “Iran – Will They or Will They Not Close the Strait of Hormuz?

  1. DJ Redman Post author

    Warren has written good article raising the question of whether Iran is full of bluster as in the past, or will actually “try” to close the straight of Hormuz. Interesting development is that the EU Foreign Ministers are meeting to discuss an oil embargo against Iran. This is what seems to be Iran’s greatest concern, not the U.S. led sanctions against the Iran Central bank as many in the media are implying. The truth is that Obama had the Senate change the Iran sanctions amendment in the NDAA to…. wait for it…. allow Obama to give “waivers” to any country he wants to allow to continue to do business with Iran. This takes the teeth out of the law, makes Congress irrelevant, and gives that power to the President. Check out the article here on CDN about the NDAA bill sitting on his desk while Iran gets more aggressive for more info.

  2. mike

    Iran must feel confident that they have enough subversive assets scattered all over the middle east to begin some conventional naval war fare sabre rattling. The US Navy in an engagement with them would sink most of their Navy & at minimum clear out land military assets that would jeopordize commerse ships from passing through the straights to put Iranian fire power out of range. It would be most unfortunate though because terrorism would increase through out the region as a result to such an engagement is what I would imagine. My best guess is that in due time this sort of conduct will increase in frequency rather than be an anomoly of blusterous proportions. Hopefully my estimation is wrong though for the sake of peace…

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