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Iowa Caucus Results [Live Update]

It’s Tuesday night and the Iowa caucuses are getting set to open. The CDN staff is staying on top of the evening’s events to keep you informed and will be updating this post throughout the night (refresh for updates).

If you still aren’t quite sure how the Iowa caucuses work – here’s our step-by-step explanation.

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Live Vote Returns from Iowa

Live Blog (all times Eastern)

  • 2:02a – FNC reporting that the corrections now give the win to Romney by 14 votes
  • 1:50a – 2 precincts from Story county may have under-reported Romney votes. Current margin is +4 votes for Santorum
  • 1:35a – ballots missing from Clinton county
  • 12:39a – Romney takes the stage “Rick Santorum ran a great campaign” and went after Obama
  • 12:17a – Santorum at podium: “Game On!” – “Thank you so much Iowa” – “We are off to New Hampshire”
  • 11:52p – Perry on stage: “This is what it’s all about” – “With prayer and reflection..” Perry to return to Texas to re-evaluate campaign.
  • 11:33p – Bachmann speaks: “I am not a politician”, “Barack Obama will be a one term president” – nope, not quitting either
  • 11:17p – Gingrich takes stage to speak: “We are at the beginning of an extraordinarily important campaign.” .. “On to New Hampshire” – not quitting
  • 11:04p – Ron Paul makes speech – “We will go on! We will raise money!”
  • 11:03p – Perry commits to skipping New Hampshire and heading for S.C. after Iowa.
  • 10:44p – Romney takes the lead – 25% to Santorum’s 24 and Paul’s 22
  • 10:33p – Gingrich will speak at about 11pm Eastern – dropping out?
  • 10:10p – The bottom three spots have remained static for 90 minutes
  • 10:00p – Paul drops out of lead, Santorum takes over with 125 vote lead over Romney
  • 9:42 – Paul takes lead in college precincts, Santorum gains in agriculture areas
  • 9:36 – “Other” surpasses Huntsman in total votes – top 3 spots still less than 1% apart
  • 9:27 – Romney, Paul and Santorum in dead heat
  • 9:10p – Romney leads at colleges, growing towns
  • 9:10p – Paul leads in wealthy suburbs
  • 9:10p – Santorum leads in cities, with immigrants and evangelicals
  • 9:00p – three way neck-and-neck race between Paul, Santorum and Romney
  • 8:33 – Votes start trickling in, Paul up strong in early returns
  • 8:15p – Mitt and Paul tied for first in entrance polls, Santorum third
  • 8:03p – Entrance polls show that Perry, Bachmann Gingrich, and Huntsman have no chance to win Iowa
  • 8:00p – Caucuses begin
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