Florida Republican Attacks Alan Grayson With Subtlety

By | January 25, 2012

GOP Candidate Mark Oxner

Republican Mark Oxner is obviously not afraid to stir the pot. He has released a campaign video attacking Democrat Alan Grayson utilizing both over and covert methods.  The ad, titled “Turn This Ship Around”, is a 39 second barrage against the Democratic policies of the Obama Administration.  It also uses subtle tactics to attack Alan Grayson.

Throughout the ad, Grayson’s head has been superimposed to the body of a parrot – implying that the former Democratic Congressman simply parrots the mentioned policies of the Obama administration.  The only audio that comes from “Parrot Grayson” is a twice heard ‘squawk’ sound.

The Parrot Grayson is not the only subtle reference in the ad.  To start, the actors have a series of lines that play on the word ‘ship’, where the expletive could be used instead.  The erectile dysfunction drug Cialis is referenced as a man and woman are seen sitting in bathtubs as the woman talks about her husband’s solar company (Solyndra, anyone?) being “stimulated”.

The most fleeting allusion, perhaps, was the reference to the film “V For Vendetta” – in which a tyrannical government imposes itself upon the people.  A man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, made popular by the films main character “V”, is seen for one quick second at the :12 second mark.  This reference is, undoubtedly, hinting that the Obama Administration is moving our nation down the path to tyranny that is seen in the film.

As the ad ends, we see children below deck rowing the ship, as if they were slaves aboard ‘The Amistad’, towards a waterfall. Mr. Oxner’s voice cuts off the cartoonish sounding voice-over and tells us that it’s time to turn the ship around.

The boldest move, and bravest, may be the red flags adorned with the Hammer & Sickle that can be seen alongside the Obama logo.  The subtle nature in which these are displayed can been seen best at the :15 second mark in the ad.  This is obviously Mr. Oxner’s way of saying that President Obama is a socialist president, and, with the symbolic use of the Parrot, that Alan Grayson is as well.

Stay tuned as we see the fallout and reaction from the Grayson camp.  Given Alan Grayson’s history of being outspoken and brash – this could be a battle royale.

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