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Father Turns in Son for Video of Bullying and Beating

ABC News Video

Michael Palomino, a sheriff’s deputy of 30 years, made the hard decision to turn in his son Raymond, 17, after seeing him in a YouTube video along with six other teens stomping, punching and slamming another boy to the ground. Except for Palomino, all of the attackers covered their faces during the attack last Sunday afternoon. Out of six boys and a 15-year-old girl, Raymond is the only one charged as an adult. They were cited as juvenile offenders and turned over to the Juvenile Detention Center for processing.

On Monday a Cook County Judge refused to lower Raymond’s bail from $100,000 prompting his father to say he believes that his son is being used to make an example of.

“He’s the only one charged as an adult,” said Michael Palomino. “They’re making it sound like he did everything. It’s just one side of the story.”

Video NBC Chicago


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