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7 thoughts on “Decline of the Union Address

  1. WillofLa

    Just more Socialism. Just more cronie capitalism. Just more unionism. Just more influence peddling. Just more Marxism. Just more collectivism.

    “We’re on track.” means his agenda of wreaking the economy is right on track. “We must all work together.” means I am going to transform America into a collectivism where everyone other than me and my friends will be poor. “We must fix our broken immitgration system.” means I’ll fix it so that it can never be fixed. I want only want good Mexican’s to be allowed to cross the border illegally, and we must see that only good Mexican’s will be able to put more and more good American’s out of work.

    Obama is such a dupe. Remember he’s a community activist. That means he is the person who inspires everyone and you are the one’s who must do all the hard work to make the unworkable work. Platitudes run amuck!

  2. Richard D. Cushing

    I thought the SOTU address could be summed up as follows: “Send me a bill that SPENDS MORE MONEY, supports UNIONS or CRONY CAPITALISM, and I will sign it right away!” – B.O.

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