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10 thoughts on “Bye Bye Congress

  1. Dominique Manfred

    If you ever tune in to half the call-in drivel, they are all continually pushing precious metals as being a temporary measure to the crisis. But, my past experience has been that the salesmen under no circumstances cease calling and pestering you,plus the marginis rather awful unless you go to a local coin store.

  2. Genevive Paquet

    I realize the thing you suggest concerning the economic climate. This rising cost of living is not good and we also can tell it will eventually intensify. sigh.

  3. Bill

    I think my congressman (hard headed conservative) is doing his job, along with the rest of the conservatives. If some of the people on the bus say, “Let’s drive off this cliff. It’s a faster way to the bottom.” I will hard headedly yell, “No.”

  4. Dan Saxe

    It’s a dangerous joust, but it may be exactly what congress needs to remind them of thier REPLACEABILITY. If they don’t want to be circumvented(which is not constitutional) they need to do thier job in a timely, professional manor. The President may have toed the line ethically, but it may lead to an overall re-establishment of the duties of our Congressmen.

  5. Bob Russell

    Unfortunately this is all too true, and with S. 679 Congress willingly put their heads in the guillotine.

  6. Corkie Taylor

    Well done Tony! Obama’s out of control! His comments and statements regarding Congress is a perfect reason to get him out of Washington! I’d love to see him go back to Kenya where he belongs!

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you Corkie… News Busters posted one of my cartoons on their Face book page It’s viral.

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