Bachmann campaign "suspended"

After Michele Bachmann announced that she had her tickets to South Carolina and would be continuing her candidacy for president of the United States, she then cancelled the trip, scheduled a press conference for Wednesday morning and announced that she would be suspending her campaign.

Bachmann came in last out of the six viable candidates and among the GOP candidates with active campaigns, she only bested Jon Huntsman who had spent no time in Iowa and had slighted Iowan’s approach to the nomination process.

With less than 6% of the vote in Iowa, Bachmann’s campaign was in serious trouble. Considering that she was polling dismally in New Hampshire and is not eligible for the ballot in Virginia, she was on a long, dark road to nowhere.

Rick Perry also suffered disappointing results in Iowa and headed back to Texas for a few days to consider his next steps. Perry was also intending to skip New Hampshire and focus on South Carolina.

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