Armed 8th Grade Student Killed By Police In Texas School

By | January 4, 2012


Today in Brownville, Texas Police shot and killed a 15 year old who engaged them in a hallway at Cummings Junior High School  .

After receiving a call at about 8 a.m, that a student had a weapon, police rushed to school. Authorities said officers confronted the armed student in a hallway who pointed his weapon at them prompting them to shoot him three ties. No other injuries were reported.

The school was placed on lock down as soon as police were called. The school remained that way for two hours after the incident as SWAT searched every room to confirm no threat remained. One student said he was two classrooms away when he heard the shots. Parents were called and told to pick up their children and students  followed police out of the building boarding buses to be taken to a nearby park.

Detective J.J. Trevino of the Brownsville police said  its still being determined by investigators if the student fired any shots and they had no information why the student brought the gun with him. “It’s still under investigation, as far as how he came about to bringing the weapon or if he encountered anybody or anything else”.

The student, who’s named has not been released, was declared dead at the hospital and an autopsy has been ordered.




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