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Alan Colmes Mocks The Way Santorum's Family Grieves Dead Child

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  1. Alan,Alan been hitting the glue bottle again?

  2. Colmes is about the lowest of the low for his comment.

    @bagwellm – you alright? Been hitting the glue bottle again?

  3. Colmes did indeed cross a line he cannot “uncross”, as you say. The worst is he was given the opportunity to dial back the rhetoric and still make a thoughtful, legitimate point about the Santorum candidacy and he continued to push this truly revolting line of attack.

    Scarier still is that there are people who are cheering him on because they personally find Santorum’s choice “weird”. So what? It’s okay to mock the death of someone’s child because you think their grieving process is weird?

    That he wasn’t summarily fired as soon as the words flew out of his mouth the first time just goes to show how far, as a society, we’ve fallen. There was a time when no one would have even thought such a horrible thing, much less voiced it. Now it’s par for the course.

    The upside is that Santorum comes out the winner and Colmes is silenced re Santorum for the duration of the campaign.

    • Yep, you can’t un-ring a bell and I think we should ring this one every time this guy goes on the air. Freedom of speech relieves us from political reprisal, but it doesn’t relieve us from the responsibility of our words!!

  4. Alan Colmes is a stooge for Fox News. This was a total setup. A transparen­t ploy to support Rick Santorum. Any other news organizati­on would have fired him for saying something so awful. Notice Fox News does not bother to even mention this on their website.