Where Do They Stand

By | December 28, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Where Do They Stand

  1. Brandon Combs

    Well, first, GOA isn’t what I’d call a reliable indicator of candidate ideology. Another example is the listing of S.1001 was NRA trying to moot D.C. v. Parker (sub nom Heller). Were that to have been successful, there would be no Supreme Court decision upholding the D.C. circuit’s decision that 2A is an individual right, and no McDonald v. Chicago follow-on case applying 2A to the states and local governments.

    Ron Paul takes some outlandish view against incorporation doctrine; in essence, he feels that “states rights” are somehow of greater importance than fundamental individual rights.

    My point is that just because someone sponsored a bill does not mean they have what’s best for the Bill of Rights in mind. Those sort of issues, I think, are important in discerning where candidates actually are.