Update: Injured Cop Makes Small Improvements After Shooting

By | December 20, 2011

Sources close to Lake City police officer Shawn Schneider said today he has made small signs of improvement. Officer Schneider was shot in the head responding to a domestic dispute call. He is in intensive care now at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, a main campus of the Mayo Clinic.

A report from KTTC TV in Rochester says that Schneider has squeezed his wife’s hand and given the thumbs up sign.


Schneider’s partner Officer Bill Weiss said the family is “a little overwhelmed” right now and not ready for visitors to show up. He tweeted the following on is Facebook page

A fund has been set up to support Shawn’s family with any immediate unforeseen expenses in the wake of this tragedy, please send contributions to:Shawn Schneider Family Support Fund:
c/o: Kathy Moyer
Alliance Bank
105 E. Lyon Ave.
Lake City, MN 55041
(651)345-3311Feel free to pass this information along. Thank you!

A dispatcher with the Lake City police department said there were no provisions yet made by the department or the Wabasha Countyt Sheriff’s Department for the community to offer their support.
“We’re still getting organized around here,” the dispatcher said.
Officer Schneider is married with three children and is a 9-year veteran of the Lake City Police Department.
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