Randall Terry Accuses Obama's Energy Policy of Aiding Terrorists

By | December 12, 2011

WASHINGTON, Dec. 12, 2011  — Press conference with Randall Terry (photo) at White House, 12:00 Noon Monday, December 12, to discuss the new ads, and the strategy to cause 7% – 8% of Catholics who voted for Obama in 2008 to forsake him in 2012, and thereby aid Obama’s defeat in the general election.

Press conference: 12:00 Noon, in front of White house on Pennsylvania Ave.Randall Terry, Democratic challenger to President Obama will discuss pro-life ads currently running in Iowa, and two new ads regarding the funding of Islamic terrorism through Obama’s oil policy.Go to www.TerryForPresident.com to see two new ads regarding Obama’s policy regarding oil, human rights, sharia law, and the funding of terrorism through American petro dollars.

Two new ads are on the front page of www.TerryForPresident.com

Ad 1: Obama, Sharia Law, & Funding Terrorists.

Ad 2: Sharia Law Nightmare: “Once upon a time there was a bad President…”

Randall Terry states: “President Obama’s foreign policy and oil policy are a frontal assault on human rights in Islamic countries, and a threat to American civilians and military. By forcing Americans to buy oil from Saudi Arabia – which is the largest financier of terrorism in the world – he insures that our money will go to terrorists who kill Americans, and other innocents throughout the world. Beyond that, Obama calls Islamic nations ‘friends’ in the ‘war on terror’ while their leaders terrorize minorities within their borders.

“The proposed pipeline from Canada to Texas would be a great step toward energy independence, as well as a means of cutting off funding to Islamic terrorists. Tragically, Obama doesn’t appear to give a damn about human rights, cutting of funds to terrorists, or energy independence. His policies are suicide on the installment plan.

“These TV ads say what millions of Americans already believe…that there is a dangerous link between Obama and the Islamic world.

“We will run these ads in New Hampshire, just as we are running the pro-life ads in Iowa.”

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