The Media’s Intentional Destruction of Mitt Romney

By | December 14, 2011

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0 thoughts on “The Media’s Intentional Destruction of Mitt Romney

  1. Robert Steward

    Once again the media strikes. No not the article; but the article…okay let me splain! The media is doing a horrible job of reverse psycology. You see for those of us who pay attention to this on a minute by minute basis; we find it quite interesting how the media (to include this article) is doing their utmost to cut the legs out of any candidate that gets on top of Mitt Romney. All the while spewing garbage upon garbage how Mitt Romney is being attacked by the media (okay…where?)or that Obama is afraid of Mitt and how the Obama campaign is going after the Mittster (again…where?). Now a token article “HERE” and there do not make an attack! But the real joke here is how even the “so called” Conservative media (no such animal only a beard if you will) are tearing in Gingrinch with stuff you would never believe his own party would do. The fact is it might work. If it does the world will be at peace again, because Mitt will get his clock cleaned by the same media that is supposedly going after him now…will in fact after the nomination will destroy him. Remember this those of you who really (not you phonies) want Obama out of there…Mitt Romney has NEVER been vetted. And he will. This man has got skeleton upon skeleton and will crumble like a poorly built house of cards. I despise all of you with all my being for your phony -ness (my word) because you are all so certainly phony…ness. Serious people come out and say it straight forth…cowards hide under the disguise of being straight forth; only to hide their “con”.