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Sesame Street: There is such a thing as a free lunch

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  1. Every morning when I drag my small children out of bed by their ankles and force them to go to daycare, and my husband and head to work at jobs which we both would rather not do, I think about how easy it would be to stay home with them and mooch off of the backs of others. But I won’t because it is my responsibility to carry my own weight, earn a living for my family, and set a positive example for my children. I AM THE 53%.

  2. I really enjoyed this article, Chad. It would seem that true pride of accomplishments and personal responsibility are not being taught to enough children today and it shows. Work ethic is out and welfare is now the new cool. When the welfare class outnumbers the working class you end up with the EU model of financial insolvency. Oh that lovely European socialism everyone has been bragging about for the last 25 years! How’s that working out for ya’s now?

    Just like most non-producing parasites of society, now the EU puppeteers and assorted globalists want to apply that share-the-wealth thievery to what is actually Kyoto Protocol 2 or 3. Ya see, because of the U.S. industrializing the rest of the world and giving them things like the computer we type on, they now want to penalize the Western countries because of fake Global warming theories and start charging, err, stealing from other countries to pay third world countries and assorted Socialism-lovers billions of dollars simply because they can’t afford to support their own huge populations. Marxism 101.