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Senior Politi-Rumble: Pelosi vs Gingrich

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  1. I think the Nancy Pelosi threat was in fact a publicity stunt orchestrated by Newt himself. I would take his comments at face value when hey said “Nancy gave me an early Christmas gift”. I would like someone to ask him directly if he had anything to do with Pelosi’s comment to the reporter.

    • Are you implying that far left liberal loon Nancy Pelosi would somehow help Newt, or say something he told her to say? That’s ludicrous. Take it at face value- Pelosi is out of the limelight.She has lost every last crumb of power she had since running rough-shod over the House and we the people from 2006-2010. She’s pushing 72 years old- she needs to dry up and blow away. ..

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It did make me ask myself whether it could have been set up that way, and I do think that, for the most part, all these corrupt politicians are all in it together, as far as the dog and pony show we see in Congress goes today. Lots of theater there. Very very little actual budgeting and oversight of the taxpayer’s purse.It’s just spend spend spend to buy votes to stay in power.