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Rejecting FairTax Part Three: The Flat Income Tax

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  1. Flat tax sounds great if you are an idiot. Flat tax on WHAT? Yes, let’s have a flat tax. A real one. Lets tax all income alike. By all means.

    Want to watch these liars and con artist run like the devious cockroaches they are? Tax their income exactly like you tax the income of self employed plumber or the small businessmen or self employed dentist. Make them pay FICA taxes on every dime, make them pay the same income tax rate. Do that. Have a REAL flat tax, and these lying bastards will shit their pants, and make all kinds of excuses not to do it.

    What these fuckers are doing is exempting much of their income from ANY taxation whatsoever. Then they tell your dumb ass that it’s “flat”. Stupid fuckers, either you fucking bastards are part of the con game going on, OR you are stupid fucks fooled by it.