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Political Battle Wounds

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  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Hilarious! Love this!!! OMG! HA!

  2. We have every right to vet our Republican nominee. Right now two R.I.N.O.s are the front runners. The media wants us to believe that we have to vote for a Progressive like Romney or Gingrich because nobody else is electable. The only candidate that can realistically be labeled unelectable is Obama. Look at the 2010 elections. Why would all the people that voted against the Democrat agenda change their mind and vote for the worst, most destructive pResident in history. I wish Palin was running but now that she is out of the picture Bachmann seems to be the most Conservative candidate left. We need to treat 2012 like it is the most important election in our history, not like an episode of American Idol. Gingrich or Romney will at best only slow down the Liberal/Socialist agenda. Neither one of them will undo the damage already done.

  3. Is that Cain under those wraps?