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Judge prevents California from drowning America in "Carbon Intensity"

On Thursday, a Federal judge block the following language that was intended to promote “greener” fuels. The judge ruled that because it would cause indirect regulation of out-of-state producers of fuel, the rule should .not be enforced.

While the ruling itself is confusing, try the actual language the Times uses to try and explain it in normal terms:

The California rule is one of the first in the country to use a “life cycle” analysis to determine the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted in the course of producing and transporting a fuel, or its “carbon intensity.” By setting a carbon intensity standard, producers and distributors who emit less are rewarded with marketable credits; those who exceed the standard must buy credits, driving up the costs of their fuel.

Let me translate:

California is the first state to invent a craptastic term like “life cycle analysis” in order to create a prohibitively expensive regulation that only the artificially inflated energy prices of the Obama administration could make viable. By setting a made up “carbon intensity” measure, California hopes to break the back of every energy producing company in the nation, except Solyndra – and whatever else Obama likes.

California has gone off the deep end and is now trying to drag the rest of the country down with it. One Federal judge has decided to intercede.

While that judge may not save California from itself, he may well be saving the rest of us (except New York and select few other blue states) from California’s demise.

Bachmann campaign sends out email: "America's Iron Lady"

As the only consistent conservative in the race for President, I am crisscrossing Iowa meeting with voters who share our values. We need to work together to create jobs, reduce our debt, turn the economy around and protect our country from enemies who wish us harm. To do this, we must work together to send a consistent conservative to defeat Barack Obama.

I’ve been on the front lines fighting Barack Obama’s policies from day one. He has led our country down a path of destruction, and as conservatives we must join together to defeat him.

The United States is in economic turmoil, and is yearning for a leader to stand by their principles and set this ship right again. Much like how in the 1980’s Britain was in a similar situation and then Margaret Thatcher took the country by the reigns with her conservative policies and was nicknamed, the “Iron Lady.” As President, I want to be America’s Iron Lady! 

We have an all-important fundraising deadline on Saturday, and I need your help to meet the fundraising goal we’ve set for our campaign.

Will you contribute $25, $50, $100 or even $250 to help me reach my fundraising goal by midnight Saturday? 

The Iowa caucuses are just around the corner. In just a few days, Republican voters will begin the process to nominate our candidate to take on Barack Obama, and we need to ensure a conservative wins this fight. That’s why I’ve turning to you for support.

You may not be able to cast your vote in an early caucus or primary state, but you can make your voice heard today. You can show Republicans and Democrats around the country that you support the only consistent conservative in this race by making an contribution of any amount before our Saturday deadline.

You’ve likely heard that reporters and political pundits across the country will be looking at the fundraising numbers from this fundraising deadline as a key indicator of each presidential candidate’s strength. It is absolutely vital to show that we have the strong support to win this campaign, and so I ask that you follow this link to give $25, $50, $100 or even $250 right away.

Please don’t wait until it’s too late. This election is too important to sit on the sidelines. I’m asking you to get involved today and show your support for electing a consistent conservative to defeat Barack Obama. Follow this link to make your urgent donation before Saturday at midnight! 

Thank you for your support!


Michele Bachmann

P.S. Time is running out to show your support for the only consistent conservative challenging Barack Obama in 2012. I need your immediate help to show that support for our shared, conservative ideals are strong and widespread across the country. Please follow this link to make your generous donation of any amount before our December 31 deadline. Your support will make a big difference, so I urge you to take action today! Thank you.

The Elephant Stick

What’s the elephant stick? Simply, it’s a stake driven into the ground to keep a chained baby elephant from escaping captivity. The young elephant, small and relatively weak, is not yet strong enough to pull up the stake and flee. The baby elephant learns that when it feels tension on it’s ankle it’s reached the end of the chain and can’t go any farther. The elephant’s memory kicks in. For the rest of it’s life, even after it’s become the largest, most powerful land animal on earth, a small stake, chain and ankle cuff are all that’s needed to keep the behemoth enslaved.

The 21st century GOP is a chained elephant, held in place by the elephant stick of political correctness. At a time when “progressives” are fleecing the nation’s Posterity through generational theft, robbing the treasury blind through crony socialism and multiple forms of government scandal, the GOP is strangely, mostly silent. Why?

With the cultural acceptance and adoption of political correctness, with so much concern about not hurting anyone’s feelings, people are walking on eggshells. Fear of offending someone else’s sensibilities has shackled free speech while retaining the illusion that First Amendment Rights are still fully in place.


The U.S. Attorney General plays the race card while being investigated by Congress for gross negligence and/or criminality for allowing hundreds, if not thousands of automatic weapons to end up in the hands of south american drug cartels. Excuse me, “mr” holder, with all due respect, aren’t you the one openly and consciously choosing which cases to prosecute at the federal level based on race? You’re a total hypocrite. You and your ilk are like the boy who cried wolf. We don’t need to explain that one, do we?

holder’s boss, the current White House occupant, intentionally chose to defund Social Security with a one year payroll tax holiday that’s now entering it’s second year…oops, thirteenth and fourteenth month. occupy Oval Office publically said he wanted a second year, but he and his Senate Majority Leader co-conspirator decided it would be to their political advantage if the Senate passed a two month extension and left town, forcing the GOP House to accept the two month extension or get beat up politically by ”progressive” liars and their public relations minions in the “progressive” Party Pravda.

Thats the way it really is. If you can’t stand to hear the truth or speak it, tough. That’s your problem, not mine.

When is the GOP going to wise up and realize that the elephant stick is crippling them and their political future? In the real world, an unchained elephant fears no lion, leopard, cheetah, rino or donkey.

The 99% – Still Fighting Hard For…………

Yep, they’re still out there. The 99% are still fighting the good fight for, well, we’ll see. Oh yeah, against the Wall Street “Man”. Lets take a look.

In Des Moines, they are protesting Romney taking donations from 40 Wells Fargo employees who contributed $49,250 to his campaign. This information comes from campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission. They also demand he return $61,500 from political action committees and individuals said to have ties to Wells Fargo. In a statement Wells Fargo said their PAC does not contribute to presidential campaigns. The protest have led to 10 arrests, all with no resistance. It’s reported that the Des Moines police said the protesters did speak to a manager at the bank allowing them to have a peaceful exchange before being arrested. OK….. Peaceful exchange before being arrested…moving on.

Occupy Oakland tried to rebuild their camp and was quickly shut down by police. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that 15 tents, makeshift kitchen and a bathroom on the city’s industrial west side taken down just as soon as they went up. According to a camp organizer, the new encampment named “Zion Cypress Triangle”, was supposed to be a drug- and alcohol-free “winter camp” and “safe haven” for homeless people and activists. Oakland, it seems, is not putting up with their garbage anymore.

Occupiers in Pasadena are further trying to help the country by protesting at the Rose Parade. Occupy forces have been negotiating with Pasadena police and Tournament of Roses officials for several weeks hoping to prevent any disruptions to the parade scheduled for Jan. 2. The Occupiers will be allowed to march on the parade route after all the official floats have passed.  It should be a grand event with planned speakers including anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, and if they’re really lucky, Leftist ever-so-talented (not really) film maker and “accurate information” provider, Michael Moore. The protesters, during their march, intend to display large banners crying about wealth inequality in the United States and will unveil  “floats” of their own to include a giant  octopus. According to Occupy “spokesman” Pete Thottam, the octopus will be made out of recycled bags and stretch 40 feet from tentacle to tentacle. He said it will represent the stranglehold that Wall Street has on the political process. Protesting the Rose Parade will no doubt have a profound impact on the political process.


Sorry Rose Parade protesters, you have been beaten buy the OG Occupiers in New York. Photo:

There you have it. The 99% update. Anyone still care?



100 Years of Iowa Stubborn

“You really ought to give Iowa, a try!”

These are the famous lyrics from the first ensemble tune of the classic “The Music Man”, set in 1912.  The con-artist Harold Hill strolls into a rural Iowa town ready to spring his latest gimmick on an unsuspecting people.  It’s almost a challenge from his fellow matchstick men to try to conquer the folks of River City who, being forewarned by his colleagues may be simple, but not stupid.  This is not going to be an easy con.

Yet the words in this little ditty are quite revealing in their contradictory message – you’re always welcome here, but we’ll basically keep you at arms length.  What worked for Meredith Willson’s plot setting also seems to be the backdrop for the “first in the Union” Iowa Caucuses.  So, if we were to combine the two, we can indeed celebrate the Centennial of Iowa Stubborn.

As one experiences Willson’s great musical, one will realize that the term “Iowa Stubborn” is eventually one of endearment.  As unusual as the townsfolk seem to be to outsiders, they also eventually approve to be genuine.  At the same time, however, they also prove to have a gullible side, at least temporarily.  Such can also be said of the very long processes of the Iowa Caucus.

For years (not quite a hundred), Iowa has been at the epicenter of the presidential primary universe because of its placement among the respective caucuses and primaries.  Candidates who are truly serious about their party’s nomination will not just visit, but virtually inhabit the small, rural state in the heartland – shaking hands, kissing babies and consuming all manner of fried foods (hopefully not getting the three confused – shaking babies and kissing food is frowned upon in these parts).  Yet despite the pre-season polls and the self-anointed talking heads making grandiose predictions, Iowa often seems to flash that “stubborn” to the rest of the nation at the last minute.

Perhaps it is not as random or naïve as one may think either.  These are down to earth folks who know all too well that come January 4th, the political spring will dry up and the state will be hard pressed to see hide nor hair of a candidate except on television.  As ingratiating (ok, brown-nosing) as the candidates have been and will be for the next several days, Iowans know that their small but significant mark on the political stage has an expiration date and they have perfected the art of keeping the candidate’s attention for as long as they can.

At the same time, the people of Iowa can allow the occasional “Harold Hill” to stir them up.  All too often has the political snake-oil salesman been successful in convincing Iowans to buy their elixir in bulk.  Sometimes, this boost out of the gate will propel these folks to eventual victory by way of their party’s nomination, but more often than not, it only results in a pop-shot that ends with a quiet thud out in the desert.

Still, the caucuses have yielded the intended fruit in times past.  For the Democrats, the last three caucuses have produced nominees, dating back to the last century (if that doesn’t make you feel old..) and for the GOP, it goes back to 1992, with the exception of Mike Huckabee’s seeing-eye single that stranded him on first in 2008.

However, the question is, now that the GOP has moved to a more proportional system of appointing delegates, similar to that of the Democrats (I think I just tasted my lunch again), can Iowa stay the power player it has been in past election cycles or will the caucuses wonder into a far less relevant role?  With our Centennial celebration of Iowa Stubborn, does this also mark the end of the reign of said stubbornness?  What will the face of Iowa politics look like in 2016?

Unorthodox, stubborn, salt-of-the-earth or just downright quirky – this could possibly be the end of the Iowa heyday when it comes to the primary politics.  But while the folks of the Hawkeye state have been a combination of inviting, yet standoffish, wise, yet gullible, there are one thing – enduring.

Still, you know, you ought to give Iowa, a try!

Poll: Mitt Romney only Republican that can beat Obama

Improving greatly over last week’s poll, Mitt Romney is the only Republican candidate in the latest Rasmussen polls to do better than Obama and he has the largest lead of any named candidate in this race.

In the previous week’s poll, Obama had held a 3 point lead over the former New Hampshire governor. This week, Romney takes a 6% lead over the President.

Each of the candidates were polled directly against Obama in a separate poll for each one. All but one of the polls were held from December 2nd for Huntsman up to December 28th for Romney. The one older poll is for Gary Johnson who has now dropped his candidacy for the GOP nomination.

Romney shows high favorability with men, but woman would choose the current President by a 6 point margin. His lead with independents is a significant 16 points over Obama.

Considering Romney’s centrist positions, poor scoring with gun rights groups, confusing stances on the right to life and a willingness to impose a health care mandate on a governed population, it may be some surprise that Romney is still able to command a 75%-25% lead over the president. The 50 point lead may be less about Romney and more a demonstration of the feeling on the right that they would vote for “anybody but Obama” (a.k.a ABO).

In his latest match-up with the president, Romney holds a 20-point lead among male voters but trails by six among female voters. The Republican posts a 45% to 29% lead among voters not affiliated with either of the major political parties.

Not surprisingly, the 10% of Americans who trust politicians more than citizens favor Obama with 65% while main street voters would choose the Republican 51% of the time and Obama a paltry 31%

The Sun Sets on the Lincoln Town Car. What Will the Dawn Bring?

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — For the luxury transportation industry, the discontinuation of the Lincoln Town Car marks the end of an era. Since the 1990s, the Lincoln Town Car has been the flagship of limousine companies’ fleets. In 2010, however, Lincoln announced they would cease production of the Town Car series, leaving the luxury transportation industry high and dry without a clear successor. Right now, KLS Transportation Services, Inc., a prestigious Los Angeles limousine service, is looking at the same landscape as their competitors and wondering what model will take the Town Car’s place as the market leader.

At the 2011 LCT Show in Vegas and the LimoDigest Show in Atlantic City, no vehicle stood out as an obvious replacement for the Lincoln Town Car. Lincoln was pushing its MKT and MKZ models, but top-tier limousine companies like KLS aren’t sold yet. The future success of these models in the luxury transportation industry will really depend on word-of-mouth from clients. If customers don’t respond favorably to Lincoln’s newest entries, limousine companies will look somewhere else. At the same time, Hyundai has made the Genesis its standard-bearer, and Toyota was presenting the Camry for consideration. Both of these brands, however, will face resistance, because neither is widely considered a “luxury class” automobile.  More likely contenders include the Benz E-Class and S-Class, or the BMW 5-series.

According to the experts at KLS, market forces are probably going to sort this out on their own over the next few years. If the existing field of vehicles doesn’t impress customers, auto manufacturers like Lincoln or Cadillac will likely respond by introducing a new sedan (hopefully by 2013). After all, the transportation industry represents roughly $7 billion in annual revenue worldwide, and that is not a market share that the auto industry can afford to ignore for long.

Iowa GOP Losing Interest In Subsidies

The long-standing “sacred cow” of Iowa politics may not be sacred anymore.

From The Iowa Republican:

A recent survey of likely Republican caucus goers shows that support of federal subsidies for the ethanol industry has waned significantly in recent years. The poll, which was commissioned by, finds that Iowa Republicans view a candidate who supports ending federal ethanol subsidies more favorably than a candidate who doesn’t.

The survey asked, “Some of the candidates have proposed to end federal subsidies for ethanol. Do you have a very positive, somewhat positive, somewhat negative, or very negative reaction to candidates taking this position?” Forty-seven percent responded by answering very or somewhat positive. Only 24 percent of respondents said that they had a negative reaction to a candidate who is campaigning against ethanol subsidies.

This is quite a change from previous Presidential election years.

Paul Abrams at The Huffington Post doesn’t appear to have gotten the memo:

In the circus masquerading as the Republican Iowa caucus, there has been nary a word about ethanol subsidies, a major issue for Iowans.

But, where do these budget-cutting, waste-fraud-abuse claiming, shrinking-government demanding, laissez-faire extolling candidates stand on ethanol subsidies? The subsidies have been around a long, long time.

Consider the implication of this change in Iowa: The biggest obstacle to cutting government spending has been the “public trough” effect- the notion that voters would resist cutting excessive spending immediately beneficial to themselves. This effect has been particularly strong in Iowa, where ethanol subsidies were considered so sacred that every Presidential candidate had to publicly favor them or throw away any chance of success in that state.

We all know the left counts on this lack of self-deprivation as a safeguard against serious budget cuts. If Abrams’ comments are any indication, the prospect of Iowans adopting some measure of self-discipline with regard to federal taxpayer dollars terrifies the left.

Iran Sanctions Bill Sits on Obama's Desk Despite More Aggressive Posturing by Iran

On Dec. 15th the U.S. Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, which included stiffer sanctions against Iran. The Iran sanctions measure, named the Kirk-Menendez amendment for its sponsors Senator Mark Kirk (R-illinois) and Robert Menendez (D-NJ) strengthens existing sanctions and penalizes foreign banks for doing business with Iran. The sanctions are in direct response to reports that Iran has steadily ratcheted up it’s nuclear program towards the manufacturing of weapons that could enable them to wipe Israel off the map and/or start a war in the region that would disrupt oil supplies worldwide.

President Obama could be emboldening Iran even further by his dithering on signing this bill into law that would prevent foreign banks from doing any business with the Central Bank of Iran. The lack of a strong message from the U.S. now has the Iranian Navy doing military exercises in the Straight of Hormuz, which is the transportation route for as much as 1/3 of the oil supply coming out of the region. In an IBT article there is the mention of a possible war right in the title: If Iran Closes Strait of Hormuz, Will It Mean War?

We’ve heard rumblings from Iran before that the ill-eased country might close the Strait of Hormuz. But on Tuesday, Iran’s vice president gave a more meaningful warning, saying his country is ready to close the Strait of Hormuz if Western nations impose sanctions on its oil shipments.

Iran’s top Naval commander also threatened to close the straight on Iran’s English language Press TV Weds. Night, stating, “Closing the Strait of Hormuz for Iran’s armed forces is really easy … or, as Iranians say, it will be easier than drinking a glass of water,” said Commander Habibollah Sayyari. “But right now, we don’t need to shut it as we have the Sea of Oman under control, and we can control the transit.”

A spokesperson for the U.S. 5th fleet which is based in Bahrain countered those statements with a warning that any disruption will not be tolerated. Apparently, the U.S. 5th fleet means business, as today, Dec. 29th, Iran is claiming that the U.S. Aircraft carrier John Stennis and it’s accompanying battle group has, in fact, been spotted in the straight of Hormuz in the exercise zone where the Iranian Navy is currently operating.

In the meantime, President Obama is in Hawaii playing his 90th round of golf during his term as POTUS, while on a 17-day vacation. He could have signed the bill into law before leaving, but expressed reservations and demanded changes to the Iran sanctions amendment. Several changes were added to the bill to give the administration greater flexibility. And then there is this tidbit, that shows just how irrelevant the U.S. Congress has become, at least in the eyes of one Barack Hussein Obama.
The sanctions would not come into effect until six months after the bill is signed, and would allow the president to waive the penalties for national security reasons.

These changes to the Iran sanctions amendment that were demanded by President Obama,and which the U.S. Senate approved, now gives the President the authorization to refuse to enforce the sanctions all together, thereby once again usurping the power of the U.S. Congress and putting it into the hands of the President. Of course that whole conversation becomes moot, as while battleships are squaring off in the straight of Hormuz, threatening a major oil supply route for the entire western world, the NDAA and the Iran sanctions amendment within it… sit on the President’s desk unsigned. And recent polling shows that 47% of American voters today approve of Barack Obama’s dangerous dithering and proven incompetence in running this country. His refusal to take action against Iran, as shown here could very well end up in an interruption of 1/3 of the world’s oil supply, which would result in the “skyrocketing energy prices” he promised Americans when running for President in 2008. To top that off, Obama has now given himself the authority to nullify the Iran sanctions law passed by Congress, thanks to the U.S. Senate.

While Hillary Clinton’s State dept. says Irans threats to close the Straight of Hormuz contain an “element of bluster”, other experts say yes, Iran could very well close off the Strait of Hormuz. Short of all-out war, it’s one of the biggest weapons the country has in its arsenal. And Iran doesn’t appear afraid to use it. Yet war-like tactics would be required to close it, says one expert. Meanwhile Americans await President Obama’s return from his Hawaiian vacation to find out if he can make time to sign the NDAA that contains a strong message to Iran via the sanctions in it. While America needs a decisive President that will take action to prevent a worldwide interruption in oil supplies that will disrupt already distressed economies across the globe, Barack Obama once again seems content with just voting “present” as he mainly did during his short time as a U.S. Senator.

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