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Obama to Cancel Hawaii Trip to Work With Congress Through Christmas?

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  1. If The POTUS spent a lttle more time in The White House maybe things could get done. He wants everyone to work except himself. He loves to vacation and spend our hard earned money. He needs to stop the wasteful spending and repect the Constitution.
    Most Americans will be very happy to see him voted out in November 2012.

  2. To begin with, there shouldn’t be a tax cut on Social Security taxes. And the reaon why is Social Security is broke. Social Security is broke and has been broke. They spend every dime as soon as they get it, and there is less money coming into Social Security since there are far fewer people working now than ever before, even during the “Great Depression” like Obama always like’s to remind us about. And since Obama has a vendeta against the American people, to break down our economy to a point where it can’t support itself, through Cloward-Piven economic policies, Socialism, and just plain hate of our freedom to grow our own personal wealth, killing off Social Security is right up his alley and that’s why he ordered a cut in Social Security taxes through a Presidential Directive bypassing Congress like he wants to do all the time.

    Our Social Security taxes are very important to the survival of our elderly population. That’s just the way it is right now. Until we can figure out some alternative we are stuck with it. And the obvious thing to do in order to put more money back into the “fund” is to cut out every single penny that the states are spending to take care of illegal Mexican aliens, and to do what is so obvious about the rampant fraud in people who are drawing Social Security and that is to verify who they are with more than…….nothing!!! You can’t just go into a Social Security office and give them your name and have them pull up your records. The reason why is because people have the same names all over the country. You HAVE to have a number to give them. That directs the computers to look for that number and along with it comes your name. I always wondered how Blacks were getting away with fraudulantly drawing benefits or getting benefits by having two or more Social Security numbers. And how they were doing it was by using a name to reapply for Social Security. That way a new number is issued, not a new name. And Obama doesn’t give a damn about fraud in the system. All he wants to do is make sure the system is not capable of keeping up with the demand.

    And all this crap about Social Security going broke in 2025 or whatever is a lie. It’s broke now, it’s just that the difference between the amount of money coming in can still keep up somewhat. Once it reaches a point where it can’t that’s when the government will deem it bankrupt. That’s real close to being that now.