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MSM Ignores or Buries Corzine Party Affiliation

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  1. I want some of this guys money! I know that somewhere along the line he stole U.S. taxpayers money so some of that was mine. I want one million dollars in “repairations”. Don’t think Blacks are the only one’s who think they deserve repairations, White taxpayers do more that anyone since we’re the one’s who are busting our butts working seven days a week to keep a roof over our heads deserve more repairations than anyone in this country.

    Corizine is a big lib who is in the business of stealing money from working taxpayers so they can give it to their business friends especially Goldman Sachs who seems to be at the root of most all this mess our economy is in now all the way back to Clinton with his Treasury Sec. coming from Goldman Sachs, who was kept by Bush, who was kept by Obama, has been stealing money from us for decades! We want our money back and I think maybe since Corizine got a 300 million severance package from Goldman Sachs, I think he could cough up 1 million of all the money that bastard has made since he’s been in cohoots with all these sorry a** liberal Democrats, and why is it always Democrats who are doing these things to us but you out there keep electing them and reelecting them to office?, I think I deserve something for having to pay for a Party to do the kinds of things to my country that they have been doing ever since the 60’s and 70’s, and paying for a Party I’m not even a member of is stealing my money and won’t give any of it back.

    So I want some of the money these high level White Collar Criminals have stolen from us all these years. You know I’m raising my requirment to 10 million dollars! I can see that amount of money. That would take care of me and my kids for the rest of their lives and I’ll bet we do a hell of a lot more good with it than Corizine ever could, or any of these sorry a** Democrats! What have they done for any single person who needed help lately? Not a damn thing I’m sure!!