MSM, Enron, and Obama's Green Energy Policy

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  • Where do you think the model for fleecing taxpayers using “green” as a euphemistic mask of its corruptive root. What you are watching is the centralization of all criminal modalities under the auspices of government authority headed by Barack Obama and his czars. Those entities that are most benefited by the largesse of government thievery are the federal and state workers, unions, police and all law enforcement agencies and the military. All of them are being bought off to look the other way as they stff the ill-gotten gains into their pockets and bank accounts. They mask all of this by accusing the corporations and wealthy (middle-class) as the perpetrators of corruption. This is nothing new, this is the model always used by radical socialist movements to target groups for extinction all the while plundering the wealth of these groups. Only one thing left to do, impeach Barack Obama and his czars, arrest them, adjudicate their complicit and tacit misappropriation of taxpayers money and then hang them as a warning to all other such thieves who call themselves socialist.