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0 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From D.C.

  1. TinaTB

    You’ve nailed it once again, Tony. I’ve listened in disgust the last several days as mainstream media plays the same ol’ boring piece of garbage propaganda over & over…. how the Democrats are fighting for a two month payroll tax cut extension for Joe Taxpayer, while those evil Republicans fight them tooth & nail! Because, you know, those evil Republicans don’t want to give you a tax cut! AT ALL! They just want to hurt the working class! Ugh. I’m so sick of the lies. If only the media actually gave the right half of the credit they give (undeserved) to the left, we’d likely be shocked at the number of Americans who’d wake up. Citizens do not hear the real story in the news & most are clueless to that fact. Of course the media isn’t going to tell us that the Republicans were digging in their heels & holding out trying to get us a YEAR extension on the payroll tax cut. Of course not, because then the DemocRATS would be outed for the lying, thieving, commie infiltrated scumballs they are. It’s all twisted logic & a game of semantics to paint the left as the heroes when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

    1. A.F.Branco

      Thank you Tina… You make some very good point here.. Pandering to idiots for votes, when all they’ll do is keep em’ poor and stupid.. Their thought not mine.

  2. Corkie Taylor

    Well said Tony! This kind of Christmas isn’t going to stop until we get rid of Obama! He has to go! Anyway, as usual, awesome work!