Lilly the Impoverished PBS Muppet Sells 'Free Lunches'

By | December 9, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Lilly the Impoverished PBS Muppet Sells 'Free Lunches'

  1. smokin'madOkie

    But Mrs “O” said we’re all too fat! Can’t have it both ways honey.

    Let’s see, free breakfast, lunch, then home to food-stamp dinner (I saw a lady buying steak and crablegs on stamps the other day, certainly eating better than my family, of course we actually pay taxes and hope we don’t owe each April 15th) Then a lot of schools have eliminated PE to cut costs. Add in latch-key kids not allowed to go outside to play while (too dangerous or whatever) and anyone with eyes can see why we might have fat kids.

  2. david

    Who would have guessed you could make so much being poor? add in some housing assistance, utility assistance, medicaid, some chips for the kiddos and why would anyone want to work? Panhandling on the corner with the kids in tow should bring in another 20 grand or so.