Letter to Congress: S.1867/HR 1540

By | December 13, 2011

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0 thoughts on “Letter to Congress: S.1867/HR 1540

  1. Anonymous

    ill go to a Fema camp as long as justin bieber isnt on the premises

  2. Mike Travis

    The government is not concerned about muslim terrorists at all. Instead, they are only concerned about stealing the God given rights from We the People so they can “radically transform America” into their version of a communist “utopia” that by the wildest coincidence they will run.

    Yes this is precisely how tyrants and dictators take power; by stealing it while holding a political office. If We the People are too stupid or lazy to do anything to stop them then we are part of the problem. That is why state Constitutional Militias must be re-activated as they are the last resort to prevent the destruction of America.