It was sort of fun having a Constitution wasn't it?

By | December 21, 2011

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0 thoughts on “It was sort of fun having a Constitution wasn't it?

  1. Daryl

    I really don’t understand this bill and I don’t trust Diane Feinstein and company, BUT I’m not as scared of this being as bad as people are making it out to be. obama, ron paul AND the ACLU are AGAINST this bill. That has GOT to tell us something folks. There is no way in hell I’d support ANYTHING that obama, paul and the ACLU are backing. Theirs is NOT the will of the people, but the will of big government AGAINST the people. Thus, if obama, paul and the ACLU are against this bill, I’m thinking it might not be such a bad bill afterall, and there must be something in it to prevent power hungry monsters like obama, paul and the ACLU, stripping us of our rights as they so enjoy doing. I think they’re building this bill to be something it simply is not and trying to get it repealed so they can replace it with their own agenda that would do exactly what they want US to fear THIS bill will do to us. When I don’t understand a piece of legislation, I have to consider the source and realize who supports it and who opposes it. That is a pretty good indicator to me what it REALLY says. I think we had better be careful who we listen to on this one. VERY careful! It’s time to relax, wait for more information and clarification. But I can certainly tell you this much: I’m NOT listening to ron paul, hussein obama and the ACLU! Those people do not have MY best interest at heart.

    1. lfodf

      Darly you are ignorant for sure. I pray you are not also stupid and can therefore learn. If you will forget the news media slants and lies about what Ron Paul has said and instead take his opinions as they were actually uttered IN CONTEXT and guage them against the constitution you will see he is right with the constitution 99% of the time. You are right the ACLU is not liberties friend in most cases and Obama is not in all cases. The Republicans are just go slow socialists led by the party elites. Romney is just the next socialist lite candidate like McCain and Dole they can manipulate.