Iran Actually Hacked America's RQ-170 Spy Drone

By | December 8, 2011

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26 thoughts on “Iran Actually Hacked America's RQ-170 Spy Drone

  1. Phil Latour

    How could Iran break into US Air force cyber space? How can they control an aircraft electronics that they don’t see or hear or even know where its at. If you want my opinion, It appears that the left wing broke off because of the front touch-up job seen on display. This could only happen by flying so low that it hit a tree.
    Don’t never trust what they say, Iranians officials are known to lie so much that they believe there own lie’s. They never hack, nor can they break into our cyber clandestine recon instrumental weapons.

    1. sajjad a free person

      How??? hahaha thats a easy game for iran
      lol..cheer up dude..Iran has got the highest level in the world

  2. LookMoo

    USA have reported security related problems with the control system. This was probably a prelude to this event.

    Iran have not showed the sophistication necessary for this kind of operation. Iran have more of year of 632 style thinking than 2100 century, this could explain the unnecessary bragging (why just not keep the secret and exploit it??)..

    The Chinese are a totally different ballgame. Smart, assertive and adoptable. They could very well have planted a infected PCB boards on a RQ-170 sub-contractor or in the supply chain. After all the lowest bidder wins..

  3. true muslim

    we r we happy because Iran is muslim country know americans know they can not destroy all muslim country our muslim force have power to answer,know they people scared thats why they want back this dron -170, EAST or WEST IRAN Is Best, I M PAKISTANI but i m very happy , god bless All the IRAN ARMY And these master mind hickers ,YOU Are Not alone All Muslim Wiyh you
    and next time also answer him same like this , i appriciate irane people , GOD BLESS U , LAILAHA IL ALLAH HO MUHAMMAD O RASOOL ALLAH , LABBAIK ALLAH HUMA LABBAIK

    1. zedehal

      شما با کی مشکل داری با اسلام و حسین که گفت هیهات من الذلت ؟ پیامبر درسته عرب بود ولی ازادی رو برای همه جهان میخواست اونوقت شما به پشتیبانی امریکا حرف میزنی که همرو برده خودش میخواد؟خودتو به یه دکتر نشون بده عزیزم

    2. zedehal

      شما با کی مشکل داری با اسلام و حسین که گفت هیهات من الذلت ؟ پیامبر درسته عرب بود ولی ازادی رو برای همه جهان میخواست اونوقت شما به پشتیبانی امریکا حرف میزنی که همرو برده خودش میخواد و در زمان شاه یه ایرانی رو به اندازه سگ امریکایی به حساب نمی اورد؟خودتو به یه دکتر نشون بده عزیزم

  4. Tatara

    Well, people ok if Iran shot down this spyplane.

    But how did they do this? Do they have weapons that can shoot it down? Or is this just a theatre to start a new war?

  5. Ciro

    It is so complicated and of course a big shame for Obama and his administration. no matter what those Pasdars say in Iran; whatever they say and claim is a big nasty lie. they can’t even correctly control a tricycle. But unfortunately the real thing is that they have a piece of technology in their bloody hand to deal on it.

    1. JOHN

      Iran will build a new RQ-170 and then you will believe this…

    2. Naz

      Now all Iran has to do is coat all their missiles with the stealth technology and bingo – the Patriot defence system becomes useless

  6. essential-intelligence

    Let’s examine how could the encrypted satellite radio link of the RQ-170 be compromised then. This effort must have required the installation of malware within the complex avionics of the RQ-170, a process which must include human intervention, most likely on American soil.
    There’s every reason to assume it was Chinese capacity force landing the American RQ-170 in Iran.

    Full analysis here:

    1. Max

      China could be the smoke screen, but why would Iran publicize it? Makes no sense. If China did this, we wouldn’t be the wiser, and the U.S. would be thinking it malfunctioned.

      It wasn’t China. Iran is conducting a high-tech game of electronic warfare. They are close to drone bases, it wouldn’t surprise me if they infiltrated a base to uplink a malware virus.

  7. sean

    Are places like this Creech AFB , mentioned by the commenter above , really hooked up to the internet as far as their command and control centers etc are concerned? Shouldnt strategic war theatre related electronic communications be conducted over their own ” secure” network never to be exposed to the pollution and sludge that bears these viruses and such through the regular internet pipe ? What next Iran or some other hostile hacks into missle command and detonates all our ICBM’s in place by informing each missle it has arrived at its target or that its the 10000 th visitor to this site and its won a prize ?

  8. Max

    This explains the virus detected last October, that was logging keystroke commands. The dots connect… Iran obtained the keystroke commands and hijacked it electronically. The Pentagon isn’t saying jack about this… but it’s crystal clear.

    OCTOBER CNN news on the drone virus: Virus infects program that controls U.S. drones: “Military officials are more concerned than panicked by this virus,” said Danger Room Editor Noah Schactman, who first reported the story last week for Wired magazine. “They’re just really not sure what’s going on. They’re not sure if it’s a deliberate attack. They’re not sure if it’s something accidental.”

    The drones fly all over the world, but they are remote-piloted from American soil by pilots at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada. That’s where the virus was first detected.

    The virus is logging each keystroke that the remote pilots input, and officials are trying to determine whether any classified information is actually being lost or sent outside the network. Schactman says the military has had a hard time wiping out the virus.

  9. امين

    بله اين يه واقعيت هست
    قابليت هاي ايران بيش از اينها
    يا علي

    1. realtime

      bekhab baba mardom daran az goshnegi va fesad zajr mikeshan oonvaght az ghabeliat harf mizani,

      1. soheil

        valla nemidoonam shoma shayad too angoola zendegi mikoni vali inja faghr hast vali intori ke shoma migi nist .badesham age in ghabeliatha , eftekharat nabood alan maloom nabood namoosemoon dast engilise ya amrica !

        1. Vatandoust

          dooste aziz soheil
          nemidoonam chand saleteh mikham behet begam ke age oon ghabeliyathaei kke azashoon harf mizani naboud alan namouset arabi harf mizad va age be fekr nabashi momkene Chini ya Rousi. Azizam hamin hamsaye doust va rafigh Iraq bood ke be khak ma tazavoz kard. Eghtesade iran ro chin dare naboud mikoneh va kaftari be esme rousiyeh ham dare irano michapeh.

          1. zedehal

            شما با کی مشکل داری با اسلام و حسین که گفت هیهات من الذلت?پیامبر درسته عرب بود ولی ازادی رو برای همه جهان میخواست اونوقت شما طرف امریکا رو گرفتی که همرو برده خودش میخواد و در زوان شاه برای ایرانی به اندازه سگ امریکایی ارطش قایل نبود?خودتو به یه دکتر نشون بده وطندوست عزیز

          2. soheil

            شما اگه وطنتو دوست داشتی جوری حرف نمی زدی که آمریکا و صهیونیستها با دمشون گردو بشکنن!

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