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Hey Barack: What is One’s “Fair Share”?

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  1. Great post Bob! Far-left policies, are far-left policies. It is well-known that, FDR adopted Fascist economic policies from Mussolini. If people want to remain willfully ignorant, that is their business. But, like you, I will call out people, in both parties, who continue these far-left, quasi-Socialist/Fascist, misguided, economic policies!

    Furthermore, the answer isn’t as much about electing a new group of people, but, more so, taking away many of the Federal Government’s powers to institute these things.

    Also, please consider these WISE WORDS, by James Madison: ‎”There are two methods of curing the mischiefs of faction: the one, by removing its causes; the other, by controlling its effects.” – Federalist #10

    Completely repealing the 16th Amendment would be a GREAT start!

  2. More nonsense spread by a Obama hater. I’m sure most of the people that read your rhetoric already believe our president is a Muslim who wasn’t born in this country. I am so sick of the comparisons of our president to Hitler and every other despot that have made this world a nightmare to live in. Just take a look at the recent polls of how many republicans, in particular southern republicans, that still believe the ridiculous lies about our president concerning his faith, and place of birth. I guess playing into the fears of the ignorant is easy when you have a president with a last name of Obama.

  3. Bob, again you have hit the nail on the head and have spoken so eloquently and in “We The People” language.

    I think we need a rebate on the royal family’s vacations.