By | December 20, 2011

I believe that 51% should be the minimum requirement to pass a class and the state required test should there be one. I also believe that we need to have better pay for better teachers so that way our children do receive a better education. I also believe that we need to look at the length of the calendar schedule and how long students and teachers are in school.

I believe that the school year should begin the day after Labor Day and end on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. I also believe that students and teachers should have the entire time from the week of Thanksgiving to the week after New Year’s Day off. I also believe that spring break should be held during Easter time (beginning from the weekend of Easter to the weekend after Easter).

I also believe the days that consist of the day after Labor Day, the Monday after New Year’s Day, and the day after Easter break should be delayed for 2 hours before the school opens. I also believe the days that consist of the Friday before Thanksgiving week, the Friday before Easter break, and the Friday of Memorial Day weekend should be early dismissal days.

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