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Despicable Arrogance About Minutia

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  1. The genuine threat Ron Paul, the best-known of American propagandists for our enemies, poses to our national security, his desire to disarm America, his opposition to any defense in the war on terror, and his acquiescence in an Iranian nuclear weapon should be focused on by the Iowa electorate.
    The Obama-Paul line of accommodation, apology, and appeasement towards radical Islam and Iran. “…for you to say maybe in a year they might have a weapon, there’s a lot more saying they don’t have it.” The only evidence that Paul will accept is an atomic weapon in Iran’s hands. His policy of preemptive surrender and submission to radical Islam is the blueprint for national suicide for the U.S. I trust Michele Bachmann. She is as smart as a whip and tougher than steel–the little lady with a spine of titanium. She is loved by patriotic Americans; she is hated by the jihadist’s “useful idiots.”