December 15th Fox News Iowa Debate Replay [Full Video]

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  • You need to make your videos available for iPad. Millions of people have them, like myself, and why bother with a computer when you have the latest technology?
    Want to reach the public? Get with the future folks!

    • Works fine on my Android…sounds like you need an UPGRADE!!!

    • The issue is that Steve Jobs made a decision not to allow Flash technology on any of his devices. That forces websites to do things especially for Appple products when Android, PC, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and everything else can be done a single way. For any videos we host on our servers, we go through that effort.

      The player in this post comes from and unfortunately we have no control over whether they offer a non-flash version just as we have no control over whether Apple decides to join the rest of the world and offer flash video.