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Congress Smashes Light Bulb Law .. For Now

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  1. What we conservatives need to do is get an agreement from those who are about to take over both Houses that says that before any dumb *ss liberal “dim-witted” law can be voted on it’s proponents must spend one year enforcing the law on themselves, but yet have to live the normal life they were living just as if nothing had happened. What that means is, stupid dim witted liberal Socialist environmentalists must go about their daily lives, which by the way are just as modern as the rest of us, with gasoline burning cars and all, must remove or restrict from themselves that thing they want the rest of us to have to suffer.

    When Mr. Tree Hugging Presswood comes home from a hard day of telling everyone else what is messing the planet of and shouldn’t be allowed to have, comes into his apartment or house and flips the light switch. But instead of electric light coming from whatever kind of stupid bulb he has installed, he has to go over to some nearby table and light with a match a oil lamp and go about the house doing that until he has enough light to do whatever. If he doesn’t think we should have whatever light we want, then he gets no electric light bulbs to live by because everyone knows that one light bulb is just like any other light bulb. So as he goes about his life he doesn’t get to use what the rest of us are FREE to endulge the blessings that God has given us. That’s something leftists don’t believe in since they believe all freedoms and rights come from government. Let’s see how they like having us tell him what to do and for how long and what kind for a year. And he is free to give up any time within that year and take his bill out of Congress and tear it up and forget the whole thing, it was stupid and dim-witted to begin with.