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Charlie Rangel – Ethics Expert

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  1. Charlie Rangel–CROOK!! Charlie Rangel–CRIMINAL!! Charlie Rangel–LIAR!! Charlie Rangel–TAX CHEAT!! Charlie Rangel–DECEIVER Charlie Rangel–OVER PAID, Charlie Rangel–OVER BLOATED POLITICIAN!! Charlie Rangel–INFLUENCE PEDDLER

    Need I go on any further? Need I expose who he really is? As a combat Vet I have the right to say I don’t give a damn about his military experience, who like John Kerry who met with the North Vietnamese Communists in Paris, France right before he went and talked to the investigation commmittee, told them what the Communists told him to tell them. Rangel has told every committee he’s sat before the same lies over and over again. If he violates his oath of office and violates his oath to the Constitution, what difference does any military service make to try to use that to prove he’s a honorable man? He’s not!! He’s a crook, a criminal, a liar, and a cheat. He may not have committed those kinds of things in the military, but since he got out and went to work for Washington he’s foresaken his oath to protect the nation, and instead has twisted his oath of office into protecting his own butt for profit.