Oh the Hermanity – Cain Quits!! Announces 'Plan B' [Video]

By | December 3, 2011

At the grand opening of his Georgia campaign headquarters on Saturday afternoon, Herman Cain announced that he is suspending his Presidential campaign.

Appearing with his wife Gloria, Presidential hopeful Herman Cain hinted that the recent allegations of sexual impropriety have pushed him from actively pursuing  the presidency.

Mr. Cain also announced that he would soon announce which remaining Presidential candidate he will endorse which speculatively means that the suspension of his 2012 Presidential campaign will soon officially turn into ending the campaign.

Near the end of his suspension speech, Cain also referred to “plan B” which refers to a not yet fully-functional website http://thecainsolutions.com/.

“Becoming President was plan a,” Cain started, “As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul searching, I am suspending my Presidential campaign.”

Suspension, as a CNN.com article reports, is not the same thing as dropping out:

Because he did not officially drop out of the race, Cain will still be allowed to raise and spend campaign funds as if he were still seeking the nomination.

But with Cain’s move looking more like an attempt at a graceful bow-out, contributions to his suspended campaign are likely to be minimal.

Video of the announcement is below:

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