Breaking News: Kim Jong-Il dies with little warning; 'Great Successor' to take over

By | December 18, 2011

The dictatorial leader of North Korea has died of a heart attack at the age of 69 according to wire reports.

No official comment has been offered by the North Koreans or U.S. State department but it is widely expected that his son, Kim Jong-Un will be his successor.

His death has long been expected, but no notification of it being impending had been made.

There are some reports that the U.S.will now be suspending food and aid shipments until the political situation is worked out.

The South Koreans are taking a precautionary measure by convening their national assembly. There has been no decision by the South Koreans as to whether they should express condolences or remain silent on the dictators death and now there are reports that the border between North and South Korea has been closed.

North Korean state media is now calling Kim Jong-Un the “Great Successor”. Un is the youngest of Kim Jong-Il’s three sons and a general in the Korean People’s Army.

The next older Il brother, Kim Jong-Nam was originally thought to be taking  over the leadership of the destitute state, but his alleged use of a falsified passport to sneak into Japan to go to Disneyland Tokyo changed his fate.

The oldest of the three brothers, Kim Jong-Chun was ruled out long ago due to “feminine characteristics”.

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