“Yes We Cain” Turns Into “Maybe We Shouldn't”

By | November 30, 2011

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0 thoughts on ““Yes We Cain” Turns Into “Maybe We Shouldn't”

  1. Max

    I can’t believe anyone would disagree with this.

    You know, back when Cain was ridin the wave, he did some really brilliant things, but his explanations were terrible. For instance the campaign ad showing his campaign manager smoking. He allowed himself to get crucified by Bob Schiefer (sp) on his Sunday show, when ole’Bob came unglued over it. Instead of making a strong point that smoking is legal, and “images” of people smoking occur everyday in real life, Herman rolled over and did everything except apologize while laying on his back. Leading me to question his ability. Obviously, in the Cain camp there must have been discussion that scene would stir controversy, the fact Cain had no response for criticism was very disappointing.